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10 Predictions for the Superstar Shake-Up



The Superstar Shake-Up is almost upon us and that means it’s time to start speculating who is going to end up where.  The end result is usually favours RAW over Smackdown but who knows maybe this time WWE will let things work out for both brands this time.

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1) Seth Rollins — Smackdown: Smackdown needs more superstars with clout. That’s an unfortunate truth no one ever likes to admit. The show is fun and has managed to make do with what they have but now is the time to move Rollins to Smackdown. There’s new blood to be had for the IC belt. Imagine Rollins in a feud with Rusev over the belt. Plus further predictions would leave a title vacuum Smackdown would need to fill. That should be reason enough, but he wouldn’t be alone…

2) Finn Balor — Smackdown: Much like Rollins, Finn is a top-level superstar. Despite being derailed by injury, he remains as popular as ever and it’s time to expose that to another audience. Much in the way Miz and Ambrose continued their feud through to RAW this could happen for Rollins and Balor. Giving audiences a feud they want whilst boosting Smackdown’s star power. Plus Balor vs Styles or Nakamura, yes please.

3) Jinder Mahal RAW: If the IC belt goes to Smackdown, give the US belt to RAW. There are plenty of superstars on RAW who could use a run with the US belt, Jeff Hardy for example. If the IC belt is gone it would be logical to put him and Miz in a programme against Mahal for his belt. Plus since he is such a good heel, the Miz would have some competition. Not to mention there is only so many times I can stomach seeing Roode, Orton and Rusev fight for the same belt. It’s time for a change-up.

4) The Usos — RAW: The Usos have been the saviours of Smackdown for too long. The time has come to give them another smash at the RAW tag team scene. The tag scene could use a new team to mix it up with plus with their new heel personas and rougher style they’d be a great counter balance to some of the friendlier face teams in the division. The Uso Penitentiary should come to RAW and incarcerate a few of their top teams.

5) Hardy and Wyatt/ The Revival — Smackdown: This new team has already providing some interesting scenarios just by forming. However in the RAW division they run the risk of being overshadowed by other talents. On Smackdown they’d be able to find their feet and run into some potentially exciting feuds against the likes of the New Day, Gable and Benjamin and the Bludgeon Brothers. The New Day for the more comedic battles and the Bludgeon Brothers for the interesting fight of former leader against former family members.

The Revival have been wasted on RAW. Through injury after injury they lost TV time and feud time. I feel a stint on Smackdown would do them wonders. It’s a smaller division and they would benefit from replacing the heel void left by the Udos. They still have a feud to reignite with the New Day and they’d be the type of smart, heel team you’d see standing victorious over the Bludgeon Brothers.

6) Braun Strowman — Smackdown: Braun Strowman is amazing. He is my current favourite RAW wrestler and deserves better. Being relegated to a mostly comedic role at Wrestlemania I feel it would be beneficial to give him something to make him a monster again. Maybe let him run rampant on Smackdown taking the US title from Mahal and running with that belt continuously looking for competition or even beating Styles for the WWE Championship. Either belt would benefit Braun and benefit the show by giving it a new title draw. Plus Braun is the most over guy on RAW; sending him to Smackdown would give it a real shot in the arm.

7) Charlotte Flair — RAW: if the big game plan for next year’s Mania is Charlotte versus Rousey then what better time to start laying the seeds for the feud than by bringing the queen over to RAW. She would be able to provide new bouts for Nia Jax, Ember Moon and Absolution given how none have really faced her on the main roster. Plus it would allow WWE to slowly build a year-long rivalry between Charlotte and Rousey. Plus she just lost the Smackdown women’s belt, what has she got to lose?

8) Sasha Banks + Asuka — Smackdown: As much as I want to see Sasha and Bayley implode, it’s clear to see both are getting lost in the fold on RAW. Sending Sasha to Smackdown would make up for Charlotte going to RAW. There would be a new top woman on Smackdown to take on Carmella. Asuka would also be a welcome addition as she has unfinished business with Smackdown given that a Smackdown roster member cost her the streak. Plus throw in her NXT rivals the Iconic Duo and there’s plenty of potential for fresh feuds and new battles for the Smackdown women’s division. The only downside is it would further overshadow the likes of Becky Lynch and Natalya.

9) Neville — Smackdown: This is a real wildcard but how cool would it be to see Neville back on WWE TV. The king of the cruiserweights was unhappy with his place on 205 Live and as such if he is making his return to WWE it should be on a main show. He would work wonders on Smackdown as he would be overshadowed on RAW. Plus besides Sin Cara who is never seen, Smackdown has no real cruiserweights meaning Neville could take on people above his weight class. Plus just think of the reception he’d get. There are plenty of people who’d be eager to fight him and Smackdown could always use more heels.

10) Kevin Owens OR Sami Zayn — Smackdown & RAW: I feel WWE are going to split these two up again. This would be a shame as their current best friends angle has been amazing but as far as the shake-up goes I feel this would be an interesting angle to take. One gets drafted almost instantly the other is left to the very end and is begrudgingly picked by Smackdown GM Paige, to the annoyance of Shane. Although it could mean dragging out old storylines, it’s also brings up the potential of turning one into a real rebel. Have the Smackdown story be them being purposefully wasted, becoming more and more vocal and eventually build them up with the crowd. RAW could have the same thing with them being ignored or wasted.

BONUS: Daniel Bryan — RAW: Daniel Bryan is back and it’s beautiful that he’s on Smackdown where he can take centre stage. It won’t last. WWE see money in the yes movement and will move him over to the flagship show once again. He would benefit from this obviously as there are plenty of wrestlers who would fit his wrestling style like Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley. Plus if they put him in a programme with Brock for the belt, WWE would have truly found their top guy in the company. Daniel Bryan would be the perfect addition to the Universal title scene as he is the ultimate underdog, the top face and a real crowd favourite.

So that’s the list. Many of them are probably pipe dreams but the superstar shake-up is always an interesting time for WWE fans as it is not easy to predict. There’s a lot of excitement for this and plenty more that could be predicted. Think I missed one, then feel free to let me know.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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