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10 Wrestlers We’d Love to See Make an Appearance in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match



Fifty is a lot of people. Considering that the normal thirty man Royal Rumble normally has three to five spots for legends or call-ups, there’s a lot of opportunity for some really unique appearances. So here are ten wrestlers that we (or at least I) would love to see appear.

10: Rey Mysterio

At least if he shows up a number thirty in this match, it’ll only be about halfway through and he won’t get booed because he wasn’t someone else.

That poor memory aside, Rey is always a safe bet to put into a Royal Rumble and, if this last Rumble is any indication, he’s in fantastic shape and could easily make an appearance here.

9: Sanity (any of them)

Yes, Sanity has been announced for Smackdown Live so they will appear on TV but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them in this match. Eric Young brings charisma into any match. Alexander Wolfe is deceptively athletic. Killian Dane is called the Beast of Belfast but you could get rid of that last part. He’s just a beast. These three in the match would cause even more chaos than this match is already going to be.

8: The Rock

The hardest, most electrifying man in all of entertainment is probably unavailable but I’m considering the extent WWE is going for with this event. Almost every title is on the line. The Undertaker didn’t just return at Mania to squash John Cena. He’s back in a Buried Alive match against Rusev. Jericho has been called in. Honestly, it’s made making a list like this difficult because they’ve already called in everyone I probably would have added.
So enter the Rock. He raises an eyebrow, drops an elbow, eliminates someone, and takes a gentle “pushed off the apron” bump.

7: Stone Cold Steve Austin

If I’m going to put the Rock on here, I have to put Stone Cold. That glass break would be tremendous. A few years ago, DDP showed up in the Rumble and threw out Diamond Cutters until someone eliminated him. If there’s one thing Stone Cold can still do, he can throw that Stunner and that’s all we need.

6: Sabu

I was trying to figure out who could represent Saudi Arabia in this match or at least the Middle East without creating political heat. Sgt. Slaughter and Iron Sheik could appear but I wouldn’t want to see them in this match. The only next step I could think of is Sabu. Sabu still wrestles too so he could be the one they call in to fill this role. He would definitely bring some extreme flavor to this match which should break up the potential monotony of what is going to be a very long match.

5: Rob Van Dam

This is really just a personal choice and, since we’re already talking about extreme wrestlers, he’s next on the list. RVD would bring some spice to the match and easily lend to one of those high risk backfire eliminations that are usually pretty spectacular.

Plus, he has one of my favorite entrance themes of all time. Like I said, personal choice.

4: Mark Henry

The World’s Strongest Hall of Famer has only recently retired and could easily make an appearance in this match. He doesn’t have to do much but he could if he wanted to. Seeing him standoff against Braun Strowman, Big Cass, or Drew McIntyre would be a great moment to stick in this match.

3: The Velveteen Dream

I really, really want to see Velveteen Dream on TV. I thought he was getting called up in the Superstar Shakeup but that was not to be. I don’t know if this would be the right crowd to debut him but a moment where he faces down with Goldust or Woken Matt Hardy would be priceless. Not to mention he can GO in the ring. He could easily be one of the iron men of this match if he was in it.

2: Aleister Black

Where Velveteen Dream brings the in-your-face charisma, Aleister brings the kick-you-in-the-face charisma. The current NXT champion earned his spot at the top of the NXT roster and if you told me he was suddenly in the world title picture on the main roster, I’d be ok with that. It might ruin the introduction to the main roster which should be something special when it happens but I would love to see him kick people so hard they went over the top rope.

1: Shawn Michaels

If seeing Shawn Michaels back in a WWE ring performing is not topping a list like this, I question the list.

Shawn has stayed true to his word from his retirement speech: he has not been in the wrestler role in a match since his retirement match against the Undertaker. He’s been a part of stories and played some people some Sweet Chin Music but he hasn’t actually put on those broken heart or cross adorned pants since. My logic for this is the same as the Rock and Stone Cold: WWE is pulling out all of the stops for this event. If the Undertaker can do a Buried Alive match, Shawn can Sweet Chin Music Dolph Ziggler over the top rope. Please?
This card is arguably better than what Wrestlemania offered us in my opinion. The show will be just as long, that’s for sure. I don’t know if this will be the Greatest Royal Rumble in actuality. It’s definitely the biggest and should have the most space to give us some very cool moments.

Alex Mihailoff is a WWE fan who loves a good storyline and overanalyzing the WWE. He doesn’t know everything but will readily give his opinion on anything.

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