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2017 Heel of the Year: “Yep! Yep! Yep!”



Winner: Kevin Owens

“Kevin Owens busted open a 70-year-old plus billionaire with a head butt, beat up his son inside of Hell in a Cell, ruined one of the greatest on screen bromances in history during the infamous ‘Festival of Friendship’ and somehow managed to get a guy he constantly betrays to become his best friend again all while taking the biggest babyface chant in modern history and turning it into something hilariously obnoxious. What a year, what an a**hole.” – Dave Reno

“Too good to boo, but yet he somehow still gets you to hate him.” – Frank Anguiano

Runner Up: Pete Dunne

“The very presence of this man screams top company heel wherever he works. From the snarl to the fists balled up under the chin to the belts hanging out of the mouth—he gets it. Absolutely loved the way he was used during the WWE UK Tournament and always put down what I’m multitasking on whenever his matches come on other shows around the world.” – DR

Third Place: The Miz

“2017 brought us so many tweeners. The Miz was a true heel thoughout the entire year. Even when the crowd tried to cheer him, he would shut them right down.” – Shannon Willis

Honorable Mentions: NXT Bobby Roode, Cody, Tetsuya Naito, Kenny Omega, T-Hawk

image credits – WWE

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