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2017 PW Awards: Faction of the Year



Winners: Bullet Club

“I will forever vote for the Bullet Club in this category until someone else steps up, and I’m honestly not sure anyone will. Yes, the New Day is entertaining. Yes, the Miztourage… ummm… exists… but no one continues to work harder and move the needle more than the Bullet Club.” – Chris Langevin

“Make no mistake about it, the Bullet Club continues to be the most popular stable in the world, and the additions to the group after specific departures have given the stable longevity. More than anything, Bullet Club provides that there is legitimate money to be made outside of the WWE, which benefits the entire business, including the WWE itself. I attended an ROH Global Wars event in Pittsburgh in October and not only was the Bullet Club t-shirt worn by at least half of the crowd in attendance, the line for the meet and greet drew more people than most other independent shows. The bottom line is, The Bullet Club is money.” – Jim LaMotta

“They can be bad asses and they can crack you up. This incarnation of Bullet Club is the best yet, and the past ones have all been absolutely incredible. I feel like they became whole when they added Marty Scurll into the mix. It’s amazing how relevant they remain after losing some of the top talents in the business to WWE over the years and how they just refuse to jump the shark when it’d be so easy for them to make a couple of bad moves.” – Dave Reno

Runner Up: British Strong Style

Honorable Mentions: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Sanity, The Shield, Jimmyz, Ringkampf

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