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2017 Tag Team of the Year: ‘It’s Not Paranoia’



We begin year of the Fight Booth PW awards by picking our top tag team of the calendar year. This year, it turned out to be a two team race that ended with one team pulling away from the field by a wide margin. It’s not paranoia folks, Jimmy and Jey Uso are your 2017 Fight Booth PW Tag Team of the Year.

Check out the results below and feel free to sound off with your thoughts in our comments section or hit us up @FightBoothPW

Winners – The Usos 

“We already knew about their in-ring mastery, but this year they took it to another level. Combine that with the reveal of some absurd mic skills and you have your leaders of the best year for WWE, in regards to tag team wrestling, in recent memory.” – Dave Reno 

“Once given a rather generic gimmick, the Usos reinvented themselves in many ways and consistently provide some of the best matches on WWE pay-per-views. The Usos, along with teams like Sheamus and Cesaro, have built a credible tag team division across the WWE landscape. All things considered, the current tag division is probably the best tag wrestling seen in the WWE since the Hardys/Dudleys/E&C era of 2000.” – Jim LaMotta

Runners Up – The Young Bucks

“I don’t think I can possibly rank tag teams without giving a nod to the most consistently great team in the world, and the guys that changed indie wrestling forever, The Young Bucks. If you’re riding the WWE machine and don’t give credit where it is due, you are blind. These guys could hang with literally any team in the WORLD. It’s mind blowing how consistently great they are and how they keep it up year in and year out. These guys are just TOO SWEEE… what is this? How did this cease and desist get here so fast?!?!” – Chris Langevin

“What a year for The Young Bucks. Between the Hot Topic deal, the rise of ‘Being the Elite’, more title victories and all of those fantastic matches, it’s hard to keep up with everything that these guys do. But you definitely do not, I repeat, do not want to miss out on any of it. This is a once in a lifetime act that deserves your respect based on their work ethic alone. Something tells me that 2018 will be even bigger for Nick and Matt.” – Dave Reno 

“Quite simply one of the most dynamic and most talked about teams in the industry.” – Jim LaMotta

Third Place – CCK

Top Ranked Teams (Points, First Place Votes)

The Usos – 32 points (8)
The Young Bucks – 22 (4)
CCK – 8 (2)
The Bar – 8 (1)
The New Day – 8
War Machine – 6 (1)

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