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‘205 Live’ Episode 45 Recap



Before his match starts, Kalisto gets on the mic. He starts talking in Spanish before switching to English. He says he quickly said yes to Kurt Angle’s invite to join 205 Live. He says the guys in the Cruiserweight division are the hardest working guys. Enzo interrupts.

He tells Kalisto he is the luckiest luchador in show business. He quickly adds is he dressed like a schmuck. Enzo says he would be embarrassed to donate that outfit to the Salvation Army. Enzo tells Kalisto he’s the hottest new Cruiserweight signing. He adds they couldn’t sell one of his Luchador masks if they gave it away. Enzo says he’s where the money’s at. He’s the reason why 205 Live is trending. He says with success comes the haters. Kalisto cuts Enzo off and tells him eh talks too much. He wants to remind Enzo how he won his Cruiserweight Title. We see a replay of his match against Neville at No Mercy. Enzo says he’ll give Kalisto some new information. Winning is winning, whether by an inch or by a mile. He then calls Kalisto “centimetre”. He makes fun out of Kalisto for being thrown in a trash can by Braun Strowman. He adds that since Kalisto has lost the US Title he’s been nothing but a “Lucha Letdown” and a disappointment, coupled with the far that he’s a hater. He says the haters who call him a disgrace are the same people who ask him for an autograph. Enzo introduces Daivari and showers him with praises.

Kalisto def. Ariya Daivari via pinfall

There’s a recap of Cedric Alexander and Jack Gallagher’s rivalry.

Drew Gulak makes his way to the ring wit his “No Chants” sign. He talks about the changing landscape of 205 Live and his hope for a “Drewtopia”. He the criticisms Tozawa for interrupting him last week and trying to silence his voice; while also robbing of the remaining 269 proposals in his plan for a better 205 Live. He then continues his PowerPoint presentation. He introduces proposal number 8: No Flipping. Before he can get to slide number 9, Mustafa Ali interrupts him.  Before the match can get started, Akira Tozawa comes out, chasing “ah”. He sits on a chair on the stage to watch the match.

Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak via pinfall

After the match Tozawa gets in the ring and chants “ahhhh” repeatedly at Drew Gulak.

Rich Swan vs TJP is announced for next week.

Backstage, Dasha is with The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick quickly cuts her off. He feels sympathy for Cedric Alexander because Jack Gallagher is in the locker room, thinking of ways to torture him. His mind is somewhere else, though. He says he feels bad for Enzo Amore. He feels responsible and ashamed that he had any part of the mob attacking him. If anyone was going to stand up and defend Enzo, it should have been him. He says he’s been there before, so he stand by Daivari, who also supports Enzo. He says he can’t stand by Alexander. Alexander attacks him and leaves him writhing in pain on the floor.

Jack Gallagher def. Cedric Alexander via DQ

After the match Gallagher and Alexander brawl. Refs try to separate them. Kendrick comes out limping and Alexander stands tall.

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