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205 Live Episode 46 Recap



The show starts with the previous night’s segment with Enzo Amore confronting Kurt Angle; and Kalisto winning the Cruiserweight Title. 

Kalisto comes out to celebrate his win. Renee Young interviews him. She congratulates him on his win against Enzo. She asks him what it means to hm to be the new Cruiserweight Champion. He replies that for the first time on 205 Live, there is a Luchador as champion. It’s a dream come true. It felt great, because he also won it on the birthday of his hero: Eddie Guerrero. He promises to bring the honour and respect that the title deserves, unlike Enzo.

Enzo has some things to say about that. He comes out with Ariya Daivari. He tells Kalisto not to worry. He didn’t come out to crash his party. Kalisto might be the Cruiserweight Champion, but 205 Live is still his show. He put 205 Live on the map. He put the division on his back. Kalisto can’t carry that load. Enzo main vented Raw three weeks in a row and carried the “loserweights” to the top. He makes excuses as to why he lost his Title last night on Raw. He adds Mustafa Ali cost him the match and says Kalisto won the match just like his hero: by lying, cheating and stealing.

Kalisto tells Enzo he just did what he said: it doesn’t matter if it’s by an inch or a mile. A win is a win. He won and Enzo lost. Enzo says Kalisto’s right. Last Kalisto only won by a millimetre. He adds he’s never seen the Title look so disgusting in his life. At TLC he is winning the Title back. At this point Daivari attacks Kalisto. Kalisto fights him off. Enzo then joins the attack. Together they beat Kalisto down.  Mustafa Ali runs in to make the save. Daivari and Enzo make their way out of the ring.

We see highlights of how TJP and Rich Swann’s rivalry restarted. Before the match, Swann tells TJP before he comes to the ring he wants him to understand something. The match that TJP wanted so bad comes with a price: their friendship. He warns TJP. After he defeats TJP, there will be no handshake and no hug. When it’s all said and done, there will be no forgiveness. TJP made it clear their friendship means nothing. Swann says he hopes that decision sits well. He hopes after Swann beats him, it will be worth it.

Rich Swann def. TJP in a 2-out-of-3 falls match (2-0)

Backstage, Enzo is talking to Daivari. He tells him Kalisto and Mustafa Ali are dirtbags. After Enzo and Daivir win in their tag team match tonight, Enzo and Daivari will leave singing Hakuna Matata. Drew Gulak approaches and says he feels their pain. Drew says he can’t stand to see a champion like Kalisto carrying the Cruiserweight Division. He dresses like a goof and jumps around the ring with reckless abandon. Worst of all, Kalisto has the disrespectful “Lucha” chants. He doesn’t want to be part of a world where the champion endorses chanting. Drew says he doesn’t agree with everything Enzo says or does – especially when he calls Drew “Capt. Underpants”. Just like him though, he is “woke”. Tonight in his match against Tozawa, he will do just that. Drew leaves, and Enzo asks what just happened.

As Tozawa makes his entrance, Drew Gulak attacks him. He beats him don the ramp, then finishes off by hitting him in the throat with his “No Chants” sign.

There’s a recap of Cedric Alexander snapping and attacking Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick last week. Dasha interviews him backstage. He tells Dasha that Kendrick might be the man with a plan but he is not the only one. He might not stab his friends in the back but he s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He won’t back down, even against these 2-on-1 odds. He says he’s sure Kendrick and Gallagher re working on their next plan, and he’ll be ready for it.

Enzo cuts another promo. He tells Ali he’d better have a good plastic surgeon because he won’t be able to smell money out if his nose when they’re done with him.

Kalisto and Mustafa Ali def. Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari via Pinfall

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