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205 Live Episode 47 Recap



Enzo begins 205 Live with a promo. He asks Seattle is they can smell that? It smells like team spirit. He names his newfound allies (Dar, Gulak, Daivari and Nese). He says they’re making Starbucks and he’s not talking about cappuccino. Last night he roasted Kalisto last night but it’s nothing compared to what he’s going to do to the “jumping bean” at TLC. He’s going to send him the hospital. On Tuesday he’ll be able to watch the ‘Zo show. He says 205 Live was rebuilt with his fists. He rebuilt the division from the ground up. He adds the only thing the WWE did for him was give him a microphone. He tells the WWE Universe not to act like they did him any favors. He says he has charisma, unlike the WWE Universe. At TLC he’ll be standing at the top of the mountain alone. Kalisto runs to the ring and attacks Enzo but he’s able to roll out of the ring and avoid  the Salida del Sol.

There’s a video package of the history between Cedric Alexander and  The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher.

Rich Swann (with Cedric Alexander) def. Jack Gallagher (with The Brian Kendrick) via DQ after Kendrick attacked Swann last ringside.

Drew Gulak is in the ring. He says he looks at himself as a father to everyone.It is his duty to guide and shelter each and everyone of us. His ‘Drewtopia’ is exactly that: a shelter. It’s a safe space for all of us, free from top rope dives, unnecessary chanting. Unfortunately some of us decided to continue ignoring his commands. He was forced to take actions.

Gulak plays a clip of his attack on Tozawa. Vic says Tozawa was diagnosed with a bruised larynx and vocal cords. He says that’s called tough luck. He will not stand by and watch one of us continues to defy authority.  Gulak continues his PowerPoint and introduces proposal number 9: “No defying authority”. He says they’re called oppositions but they are more than that. They are rules. Despite what children might have heard, rules are not made to be broken. He says he will give a special PowerPoint Edition, the “Cruiserweight Championship Edition” at TLC on the kickoff show.

Mustafa Ali and Kalisto def. Enzo Amore and Ariya Daivari via Pinfall

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