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205 Live Episode 49 Recap



The show starts with Drew Gulak walking to the ring. He introduces himself and asks where “my ghouls at”? He says he bet Norforlk liked that. Just like they like Tozawa and his “AH” chants. He says he’ll put an end once and for all to Tozawa and his chant. There’s something else that also needs attention – Halloween. He says they can make Halloween better. He wants to introduce his plan for a better Halloween via a PowerPoint presentation. His proposal #1 is NO CANDY – try sweet potatoes. His proposal #2 is NO TRICK OR TREAT. He says kids showing up at doors and saying “trick or treat” might as well be chanting. As we know, there’s nothing worse than chanting. Tozawa show up and interrupts proposal #3.

Akira Tozawa def. Drew Gulak via Pinfall

There’s a recap of The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher’s ultimatum to Cedric Alexander. After the recap we see Alexander approach Swann in the locker room. He says he really can’t wrap his around the fact that Kendrick and Gallagher thought he’d ditch Swann. Swann says he doesn’t listen to anything that comes out of their mouth. Alexander says he should and that they called Swann a clown. Alexander says Swann can’t let people run him down like that or they’ll never stop. He says they want a clown, he’ll give them one.

Mustafa Ali has a pre-recorded interview where he says it was hard to avoid monsters trick and treating when he was a kid growing up in Chicago. He says he’s leaned a valuable lesson: always get your candy.

We’re informed that Kalisto will get a rematch against Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Title at Survivor Series.

Cedric Alexander comes out in clown makeup. He calls out for Rich Swann, who comes out in full clown costume.

Rich Swann def. The Brian Kendrick via Pinfall

Gran Metalik says it’s the start of Die de los Muertos where they celebrate their ancestors. Tonight he invites them to watch with pride as he pays them tribute.

The ring is decorated with pumpkins and skeletons for the main event. Ariya Daivari comes out first. He wants to tell us a horror story. His story is about how an entire division almost disappeared, zeros were disappearing from bank accounts. He says legend has it 205 Live is cursed. Then there was a knock at the door and no one wanted to answer. They feared what was on the other side. Daivari opened the door, he opened his heart and most importantly, he opened his bank account to Enzo Amore. He says to Amore, “How u doing”. With Halloween Daivari Dinero has nothing left to fear, except to spend another evening in Virginia. He starts running down Virginia when Mustafa Ali’s mission hits.

Mustafa Ali def. Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Gran Metalik via Pinfall on Daivari

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