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205 Live Episode 50 Recap



Before the show starts there’s a recap of Enzo’s rant and his match with Pete Dunne.

Enzo opens the show with the premiere of his new talk show. He continues to push the conspiracy theory. He uses the analogy that coaches coach, players play and cheerleaders cheer. He says GM Kurt Angle sent “cheerleader” Kalisto and “player”, the UK champion. He then claims not to know Pete Dunne’s name. He’s mad because he’s never lost to a man whose name he didn’t know. He says there’s more of a conspiracy going on here than in the JFK files and that’s a fact. It is interesting to note that the crowd chanted “boring” on and off during his speech.

Enzo finally introduces the division. Enzo wants to know who will join the ‘zo train. He starts with Jordan Devlin. He says he knows about Finn Balor training him. He asks why someone from the Balor club would jump on the ‘zo train. Devlin says he was trained by Balor, but that’s where the association ends. He’s says he’s like Enzo: he’s here for the money and the fame. Enzo is happy with that and then moves on to Tucker. Tucker says he’s shared the ring with Balor. Devlin and Enzo aren’t half the man Balor is. James Drake also joins the ‘zo train. Enzo asks what Tyler Bate’s name is. Bate answers once. The second time the crowd does a Tyler Bate chant. Enzo asks him why he deserves to be on the ‘zo train. Bate says there are a lot of things he enjoys, like a hot beverage on Moustache Mountain. As prestigious as being part of the ‘zo train might be, he can’t himself to wanting to hear Enzo screeching annoying voice telling him what to do every single day. Enzo tells Bate this is real life and real life isn’t fair. As a real man, sometime you have to do things you don’t like to do. Enzo would see Bate fitting in the ‘zo train. In fact, he thinks they have a spot for Bate: as Enzo’s butler. Enzo says Bate looks like a butler. Before Enzo can get to Joseph Conners, Bate punches Enzo. The Certified G rolls of out the arena as Kalisto gets to the ring for his match.

Jack Gallagher comes to the ring and starts running down his hometown. He says it’s good to be home because it reminds him of all the things he left behind, like the stupid chubby children and lay folks on the dole. He’s reminded of the man they tried to make him: singing and dancing circus act of a clown. They’re turning Cedric Alexander into that every day too. Now he’s returned home a new man, a man’s man, a man who doesn’t need Manchester. He says he’s bigger than Britain.

Kalisto def. Jack Gallagher via Pinfall

Dasha interviews Enzo backstage. Enzo says things got personal. Tyler Bate is lucky to even be out there. Enzo is the reason why Bate was out there. Now Bate wants to take cheap shots at him like watered down vodka? Enzo has news for him. He closed down bar tabs just last week worth more money than Bate’s ever made in his life; and he’s closing Bate’s tab tonight.

Cedric Alexander and Marc Andrews def. James Drake and Joseph Conners via Pinfall.

A vignette about Tyler Bate is shown.

Enzo Amore def. Tyler Bate via Pinfall. After the match Enzo continues the assault. Kalisto runs to the ring and chases off Enzo.

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