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205 Live Episode 51 Recap



The show starts with a promo from Kalisto. He says it’s his birthday. He is going to celebrate by beating down Enzo’s right-hand man, “Captain Underpants” Drew Gulak. The party will continue until next Sunday at Survivor Series when he closes the ‘Zo Show’ and walks out the Cruiserweight Champion.

Enzo and Gulak are backstage. They stand next to a big cake with Kalisto’s name on it. Enzo asks Gulak if he understands what’ll happen to the ‘Zo Train’ if Kalisto wins back the Cruiserweight Title at Survivor Series. It is done, the future is Gulak’s hands. Enzo says he needs Gulak to do whatever it takes to make this a better 205 Live. Gulak says it only takes one man to make a difference, and that man is Drew Gulak. Enzo then shows the birthday cake, and says he has spent his hard-earned money on this. He wants to make this a birthday Kalisto won’t forget.

The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher make their want down the ramp. Gallagher cut a promo, saying life is about choices. He’s chosen a cruel life instead of a pathetic life of a clown. Sadly, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann have chosen to degrade themselves for the ignorant masses. Kendrick adds that tonight Swann and Alexander are going to learn with bad choices come cruel consequences. As Swann makes his way to the ring, he tells Gallagher that the previous week, 205 Live was in Gallagher’s hometown of Manchester, England. Tonight they’re in Cedric Alexander’s hometown.

Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann def. Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick via pinfall in a Tornado Tag Team match.

As Ariya Daivari makes his way to the ring he says tonight may be the last episode of the ‘Zo Show’. He’s not saying 205 Live will be cancelled if Kalisto wins the Cruiserweight Title at Survivor Series, but it might as well be. Ever since Enzo stepped foot on 205Live, every single Cruiserweight has become more famous, more popular and, most importantly, more wealthy. There’s no value in Kalisto being an honourable champion. There is value in straight cash going into bank accounts. Daivari Dinero wants a little more out of life.

Mustafa Ali interrupts Daivari. He apologizes for the interruption but he doesn’t think anyone here speaks Farsi. But he’s here to translate. What Daivari was trying to say is that he has his head so far up Enzo’s backside it doesn’t taste like birthday cake. All jokes aside he came down to say something. Whether you support Enzo or Kalisto, they – Daivari and Ali – are Cruiserweights. They share the same goal of making sure 205Live reaches its full potential. Before their match, Ali wants to tell Daivari from the bottom of his heart that he looks stupid.

Mustafa Ali def. Ariya Daivari via pinfall

Kalisto is stretching backstage. Akira Tozawa walks in and wishes him a happy birthday and good luck for his match tonight. Tozawa says Kalisto can beat Gulak and chants “Lucha” repeatedly as he exits the locket room.

Kalisto’s cake is at ringside as Enzo and Gulak walk in the arena. Enzo says today is a special day. Today is Kalisto’s birthday. Enzo says he’s a benevolent G. Not only is he giving Kalisto the biggest payday of his career at Survivor Series; but he went  out of his way to make sure Kalisto was appreciated on his special day. Who doesn’t love a party? Enzo says they have a lot of party things but they don’t have presents. They brainstormed and thought the best gift they could give him was a beatdown at the hands of Gulak. After Gulak gives Kalisto his birthday beatdown, Enzo will serve him something sweet, a treat. No birthday is complete without cake. Maybe Kalisto will eat his way to happiness after Enzo beats him at Survivor Series; or maybe he can come to the ring and Enzo will force him to eat the cake.

Kalisto def. Drew Gulak via pinfall. After the match Enzo attacked Kalisto. The crowd started chanting “We Want Cake” as Kalisto fought back. Kalisto tried to throw Enzo in the cake but Gulak made the save. Gulak then tried to throw Kalisto in the cake but Kalisto got out of it.

Enzo ran out of the arena. Backstage, Dasha caught up with him. She told him it looked like Kalisto was going to have a happy birthday after all. Enzo says it wasn’t the happiest, it was the luckiest birthday Kalisto’s had. Enzo looked at the cake and said he was going to enjoy it. Just as he was going to take a piece, Kalisto ran in and put Enzo’s face into the cake.

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