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205 Live Episode 52 Recap



Enzo, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari are having a Thanksgiving get-together backstage. Enzo tells them he’s used his connections to get the spotlight on them tonight. They all have matches tonight against the “four schmucks” who interrupted them on Raw. Last night was not a good look for them. When wrestlers are on the ‘Zo train they are expected to rep the ‘Zo brand. After they’ve made him look good tonight. Christmas might come early in the form of a recommendation for a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. The Gobbledy Gooker arrives. It’s Drew Gulak. He says he thought they wanted him to loosen up.

Gulak is in the ring. He says he is a proud member of the ‘Zo train. If Enzo is from the streets, so by proxy he’s from the streets too. In an effort to clean up the streets in his street fight against Tozawa, he will do whatever it take to put an end to Tozawa’s insufferable chants. Tonight he will also prove his loyalty to Enzo. He will show the world that Drew Gulak is not afraid to “cut off his sleeves” and get his hands dirty. He teases a PowerPoint Presentation but Tozawa interrupts.

Akira Tozawa def. Drew Gulak via Pinfall in a Street Fight

– Hideo Itami is coming to 205 Live.

Backstage, Dar, Nese, Daivari and Enzo are eating. Nese says he doesn’t care how great a champion Itami is. 205 Live is ‘Zo town. If If Itami is smart, he’ll get onboard. Enzo says that’s the last thing Nese should be worried about. What Nese should be worried about is staying onboard the ‘Zo train. He won’t stay on if he doesn’t do a better job than Gulak just did. Cedric Alexander, Mustafi Ali and Rich Swann arrive. They make fun of the group. Ali says all he sees is a couple of brown noses and lackeys. Swann wonders about the company Enzo keeps. They leaves. Enzo tells Nese, Daivari and Dar they need to rep his brand as if their livelihood depends on it.

Tony Nese def. Mustafa Ali via Pinfall

Enzo is happy Nese won. He says that’s exactly how you represent the ‘Zo train. Daivari says tonight he and Dar will slap the smile off Swann and Alexander’s faces. Dar says Swann and Alexander will have to eat their Thanksgiving dinner through a straw. Enzo says that’s exactly why he’ll be at ringside. He says Dar and Daivari are going to show Swann and Alexander why the ’Zo train isn’t an embarrassment, unlike some people on it. He shows Gulak, who sits on a chair in his Gooker outfit. Gulak asks if he can leave timeout now. He says he’s forgotten to use the restroom before he put the costume on. Enzo says no. He tells Gulak he needs to sit there and think about what he’s done.

Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari via Pinfall. Enzo, Dar and Daivari attack Swann and Alexander after the match. Tozawa and. Ali come to the rescue but Gulak and Nese attack them prevent them from reaching the ring.

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