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205 Live: Episode 60 Recap



Sophie is back with a look at the 60th edition of the WWE Network exclusive, 205 Live.

Gran Metalik def. TJP via pinfall. Kalisto watched the match backstage.

TJP has a meltdown backstage. Dashes approaches him and asks him if he’s crying. He says he’s not and leaves.

Jack Gallagher is backstage. He says for the past few weeks, he’s been tortured with what Hideo Itami did to his friend, The Brian Kendrick. In his attempt to avenge his friend, he’s been tortured in his underestimation of the great Itami. Even though Kendrick is at home, his teachings live on in Jack Gallagher. He is now the “Man with a Plan”. The plan is now quite simple. Everyone has their secrets. Gallagher will uncover Itami’s. Itami will regret the day he came to 205 Live.

Cedric Alexander and Goldust are in the ring. Goldust says our lives are determined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. People might say his and Alexander’s friendship is curious, Goldust knows a star when he sees one. Alexander is a star on the cups of opportunity. At the Rumble it will be time to roll film on a new Cruiserweight Champion. Alexander thanks Goldust for being a good friend and an even bigger mentor. Goldust calls Alexander the DiCaprio to his Scorsese.

The Zo train interrupts them. Enzo says Goldust has to be crazy to call himself Scorsese. If they want to see a couple of good people, they have to look at the Zo train. Enzo says he has to give an Oscar to Goldust and Alexander for their friendship act. He says he’s a bigger star than they’ll ever be. Enzo tells Alexander not to worry. At the Rumble he’ll put a $2500 sneaker on his jaw and make him famous. He adds he Zo train doesn’t need a comedy act. Goldust replies the only clown he sees is standing right in front of him. Enzo tells him to shut up. Goldust asks him why he doesn’t come up to the ring and make him shut up. Enzo says he’ll come to the ring and make Goldust famous. Enzo says on second thought, if Goldust wants to get to the best of all time on 205 Live he’ll have to go through auditions. He’s the director of the Zo show and Goldust will have to get through three members of the Zo train to get to him. Goldust tells him to bring it on.

Goldust def. Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak via Pinfall

Sophie is an avid sports fan. She follows many sports, including hockey. She has been a wrestling fan for 20 years and enjoys wrestling from all around the globe.

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