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205 Live Episode 67 Episode Review



The show starts with a recap of the ongoing tournament for the Cruiserweight Title.

Drew Gulak is interviewed before his match against Marc Andrews. Dasha asks him about his game plan. He says if he had something to say he’d say it. He actually prepared a PowerPoint presentation but he hasn’t opened Microsoft Office in weeks. He’s been so focused on seizing his WrestleMania moment by becoming the Cruiserweight champion. Right now Marc Andrews wants to take that moment away from him. If Dasha wants to know his game plan, she just needs to watch the match.

Drew Gulak def. Marc Andrews via Submission

Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa are in GM Drake Maverick’s office. He says they must be wondering why he put them in tag tam action tonight. He knows they’re both down about being eliminated in the first round of the tournament for the Cruiserweight Title. They’re two of the best on 205 Live. Itami is a legend all over the world. Tozawa is a former Cruiserweight Champion. He knows the respect they have for each other. He believe that by putting them in tag team competition they’ll bring the best tout of each other. Tozawa says if Drake is wrong, he’s fired.

Mustafa Ali is filming himself in the street. He talks about Buddy Murphy winning his debut match on 205 Live. Ali says he was one of the first guys to congratulate him. He says that even though Murphy told him how much he appreciated it, his eyes told a different story. HIs eyes told him danger, that Ali was in danger. Ali wants Murphy to take a moment to look into his eyes. He asks Murphy what he says when he looks into his eyes. Ali says he’s going to give Murphy his best kept secret: the most dangerous man in this world doesn’t fight for himself. He fights for others.

Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa def. Nemeth Alexander and Scott James via pinfall

Cedric Alexander is backstage. He says one match stands between him and Wrestlemania. For the last two years he’s been so close to becoming Cruiserweight champion. Every time something goes horribly wrong. Not this time. This time will be different. This time nothing is going to stop him. He will go to Wrestlemania and he will become Cruiserweight Champion.

Mustafa Ali def. Buddy Murphy via pinfall

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