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205 Live Episode 70 Results & Highlights



Marc Andrews def. Tony Nese via pinfall. Drew Gulak is watching the match backstage. After the match is over Dasha comes to interview him. She asks him his thoughts about the rematch during the tournament  against Marc Andrews. Gulak says Andrews is a tremendous high flyer but wonders why he is on 205 Live. Gulak realizes Andrews must be upset. He also says he might have hurt Andrews’ feelings when he locked in his submission move longer than he had to. He was making a statement to Marc Andrews. He also has a statement for 205 Live: He is the best submission specialist in the WWE. It is not about defeat. It is about giving up and submitting. If wrestlers step to him, they will tap out.

Backstage, Drake Maverick is with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. He is presenting the Cruiserweight Title. He says he knows the two men are friends but asks them their thoughts on their first WrestleMania. Alexander says it’s crazy to think that only a year ago, both he and Ali were in Orlando watching Wrestlemania. Ali says it’s wild. It’s their first WrestleMania, they’re friends and they’ll compete for the Cruiserweight Title. This is special and it’s going to be an honor. Maverick says they’re both 205 Live originals and they both have similar backgrounds. He asks if they ever thought their journey would lead here. Alexander says he always knew he would compete at WrestleMania one day. He can’t believe it happened so soon and that he’ll face Ali in a match for the Title. He says it’s special performing in front of all these people and his family will be special; especially when he wins the Title in front of his daughter who calls him champion every day.

Ali asks him to repeat the end of his story. Alexander says he heard what he said. He wants to make people proud. Ali laughs and says that not how the story usually ends. Alexander asks him where he got that. Ali says Alexander got Title opportunities in the past. It didn’t really turn out his way. Ali says he doesn’t mean any disrespect but Alexander has been writing a beautiful story for the past few month: overcoming adversity, obstacles. The problem is that each and every time, at the end of the story, his pen runs out of ink. Ali says he’s writing his own story too. He has a daughter and his own dreams too. He wants to tell Alexander how his story ends. In front of 70,000 people, they will tear down the house. In the end, he will be the one to hold the Cruiserweight Championship over his head. He then asks Alexander what he’s willing to do to change that story. Alexander says he will sacrifice his body and his livelihood to win the Title. Ali says that’s exactly what he’ll have to do. The two men then shake hands.

Buddy Murphy def. Kalysto vs Akira Tozawa vs TJP via pinfall

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