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205 Live episode 75 results



Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami via pinfall. After the match, Itami shoved Tozawa down and leaves him alone in the ring. 

– Recap of Buddy Murphy attacking Cedric Alexander during his post-Wrestlemania Championship celebration. 

Drew Gulak is in the locker room. He calls Kalisto a runner-up. He says Kalisto squandered his opportunity at the Greatest Royal Rumble when he failed to win the Title. Gulak says he’s not surprised. Last week he barely squeaked by the best submission specialist and he did it with his flipping and flopping. Gulak says it’s not going to work tonight because he’s at 100%. The second Kalisto steps through the ropes, it’s over. Gulak needs to prove to the WWE Universe that’s not how you win in better 205 Live. When Kalisto steps to him, he will tap out. 

– Buddy Murphy’s weighs in. GM Drake Maverick congratulates him on making weight and being back on the roster. He extends his hand to Murphy. Murphy refuses to shake his hand and demands his Title match. 

Buddy Murphy def. Larry Louie via ref stoppage. Cedric Alexander shows up as Murphy heads towards the ramp. The two brawl to the back. 

Dasha interviews Cedric Alexander. She asks him what just happened out there. He replies that a few weeks ago, Murphy made his statement. Tonight Alexander made his. Unlike Murphy, though, Alexander didn’t attack Murphy from behind like a coward. If Murphy wants what Alexander has as bad as he says he does, he knows where to find Alexander. 

– Locker room promo from the Lucha House Party. He says he was able to compete against the Cruiserweight Champion, even thought he match didn’t go the way he wanted. Tonight he wants to deal with Drew Gulak.

Drew Gulak def. Kalisto via submission

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