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3 Wrestlers Who Should Be Cruiserweight Champion Soon



205 Live has a lot of talented wrestlers, most probably deserving of a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship down the road. However, three wrestlers in the Cruiserweight Division stand out and should, in my opinion, get a shot at the Cruiserweight Title sooner than later.

1. Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak has literally been one of the — if not the — best part of 205 Live lately. His quest for a better 205 Live makes for some of the best segments every week, even when he is only there for a few moments; he is very entertaining as a comedy heel. From his PowerPoint Presentations, to the cheesy thumbs up he does: everything about him works. Winning the title would give his character momentum. It would be interesting to see his “Drewtopia” come to life and watch him try to implement the changes he would like to make to 205 Live.

2. Jack Gallagher 

Jack Gallagher is a very talented wrestler. He’s talented in the ring and his promos are always good. He’s had memorable bouts since debuting on 205 Live with the likes of Daivari and The Brian Kendrick. His heel turn was memorable and he’s become even more interesting since he allied himself with Kendrick. His newfound edge suits him very well. What better way for him to show how great it is to be cruel instead of showing off for the masses than to win the Cruiserweight Title?

3. Noam Dar

Dar’s matches are always very good. His storyline with Alicia Fox was probably the best part of the show for months for me. During that time he’s had great matches with wrestlers like Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann — let’s not even talk about his promos. He is a very gifted talker. He can play an arrogant jerk, he can be goofy or just plain serious. He can make anything work. There’s also the fact that the WWE plays heavily on him being the “youngest superstar” of the 205 Live roster. The WWE would be smart to pull the trigger and make him Cruiserweight Champion very soon.

Honorable Mentions: Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari would should also be in line for a Cruiserweight opportunity soon.

Sophie is an avid sports fan. She follows many sports, including hockey. She has been a wrestling fan for 20 years and enjoys wrestling from all around the globe.

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