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5 Match Types We Need To See In WWE 2K18



The evolution of WWE Games has been nothing short of amazing. But of course, like every video game series, not all installments are a home run. Whether it’s roster size, graphics, lack of movesets, or authenticity, the one thing gamers love to have in the palm of their hands are an abundance of options. And with options, comes match types, even if they are gimmicky. Here are 5 match types that need to return, or debut, in WWE 2K18 this upcoming October.

5. Punjabi Prison

Because why not? The fact that we saw the Punjabi Prison match brought back after a decade, should be enough to cement this stage as an official WWE 2K match type. Therefore, paving the way for something fresh and new to make a splash in the WWE 2K series. WWE gamers have long complained that match types were being jeopardized to make way for other enhancements in the game. As mediocre as the Punjabi Prison match has proved to be in real life, it shouldn’t be a problem to one-up in a video game. Imagine Eddie Guerrero hitting a frog splash from the top of the structure? Done.

4. Lumberjack

It’s been awhile since a Lumberjack match has been seen in a WWE video game. And it’s been—never—since it was done correctly, where a quick toss out of the ring lands you in a sea of hungry sharks. In the “SmackDown! vs RAW” series you could select a couple of superstars or managers to fulfill lumberjack duties, but it would come nothing close to WWE’s real life emptying out locker room approach. In 2017, it’s time to get this one right.

3. Buried Alive

How cool would it be to take the Undertaker character and actually live it through this match? The Buried Alive match is a cornerstone stipulation match in WWE history and should be given a place in the virtual arena. It’s possible 2K Games hasn’t found their desired formula to include it in a WWE game, but such a move would certainly help to expand variety for users who shell out extra cash on DLC’s and game editions year after year.

2. Empty Arena

Hey, if it’s been done in real life, then why not put it in the game. The empty arena match would further improve on the arena “access” component suddenly growing in the 2K series. Reliving the classic Mankind versus The Rock from Halftime Heat would be a welcomed treat for Attitude Era heads everywhere, and for newer fans who would wish to literally, tear down the house.

1. Ambulance

Attitude Era aside, if 2K Games wants to keep the product current, then the inclusion of an Ambulance match is a no-brainer. Thank you to Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, Ambulance matches are cool again. While mechanically the concept may be similar to a Buried Alive match, 2K would need to find a way to differentiate either the feel of the match, or the ending. Perhaps you would need to drive your opponent out of the arena to secure a victory? Only time will tell if 2K studios is actually up for the task.

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