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5 potential outcomes for Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey at ‘Money in the Bank’



Ronda Rousey is probably one of WWE’s hottest commodities at the present moment. She’s a legitimate fighting badass in a WWE ring and someone from the UFC more motivated to fight than Brock Lesnar. Despite it only being her first singles match in WWE and her second match on PPV, she is set for a title match against current champion Nia Jax at Money in the Bank. This is quite a shock as she is still a relative newcomer to WWE.

However, that does not mean that it will be a bad match. There are plenty of options here for WWE to play with. Jax and Rousey can both get a strong showing out of this and regardless of who wins the match, both competitors are going to be elevated by it. It’s also surprisingly unpredictable by WWE standards. It’s easy to assume Rousey is going to win based on her actual fighting experience but something could come along and pull the rug out from under her. So, without further ado, let’s look at some potential outcomes for this match.

Outside Interference

We’ll get the most obvious one out of the way first. This is probably not going to be a straightforward match. There is likely to be some form of shenanigans from either Stephanie McMahon or someone who will be named later on. This would be a convenient way of having Rousey lose without making her lookweak. WWE loves to make their authority figures look strong or conniving so expect some kind of interference from Steph looking to avenge her loss.

The interesting thing about this would be how Jax reacts to it. Since Nia is meant to be a face at the moment it would make sense for her to reject the help and try to beat Rousey legit. Whether this means she refuses to pin her or chases Steph away is down to the writers. There is also the potential for Nia to go heel if she sides with Steph so there is that story to play with too.

A Squash Match (either way)

WWE loves their squash matches as well. If they have Rousey squash Jax then it would allow her to pick up a victory in singles competition, the belt and some serious reputation points. It would also hide any potential inexperience she may still have, though this might not be necessary as she already seems quite comfortable in the ring. It could also be used to quash any doubts people may have about her, especially the likes of Stephanie McMahon.

Conversely, should Jax squash Rousey, then we could be looking at something quite intriguing. It is a highly unlikely outcome but there is potential to build Rousey up as an underdog and cement Jax as a dominant champion. Jax isn’t the best in the ring so it might be best for business to keep the match short and sweet. This again has some build as Stephanie McMahon has taunted Jax on how long it took her to beat the diminutive Alexa Bliss. This would be Jax proving herself to the bullying boss.

The Corporate Champion

Some of the rumours swirling around Rousey’s match at Mania were of her turning into a corporate heel. Since this is a title match against a much bigger opponent it is possible for there to be some cheating involved. It would be a massive shock to see Rousey change allegiances and make a deal with the devil for the belt. The image of Rousey shaking hands with Steph would be a PPV defining images and would generate massive amounts of heat.

Rousey could work really well as a heel too. She has the fighting background to back up any arrogant claims she could make and to have the smarmy attitude of Steph hanging around would make her even more hateable. It would also be interesting to see her up the aggression much like Brock Lesnar did earlier in his career, where he would attack people and break arms just because he could. It would be incredibly fun to see Rousey adopt a similar attitude.

Angry Jax

Much in the same way it would be interesting to see Rousey up the aggression in victory; it would be nice to see Jax do that in defeat. Nia as a face has worked purely because Alexa Bliss is such an amazing heel. The anti-bullying angle has worked out nicely, garnering a lot of sympathy towards Jax, but it’s time for a change. The angle was quite shallow and though Nia wasn’t terrible as a face, she is much more believable as a heel. She could be a very entertaining destroyer heel. Someone who turns up and destroys an opponent for fun. She may not be the best on the mic but I feel if she could say something then back it up with her fists she’ll have no problem getting by.

An ultra-aggressive Jax would be a return to how she was before the bullying angle. She was a formidable force and often feared by the women’s division. Imagine that upped by the loss of her belt. This could even be started with her attacking Rousey after losing. That would really be something to fear. The build up to her rematch could be her just attacking random members of the women’s division out of pure anger and a need to destroy. Jax works best as a heel and the best way for her to turn would be to lose.

Nattie Cashes In

Natalya is in the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. It is not out of the realm of possibility for her to cash in on her best friend if she wins the match. The idea would be that Nia and Ronda basically kill each other in their match with Rousey just getting the win. Cue Natalya’s music and her running down the ramp, briefcase in hand and turning on her supposed best friend to steal the RAW women’s title.

Funnily enough, this makes a great deal of sense too as in previous weeks, WWE programming has shown Rousey coming to the rescue every time Natalya is in danger. The act of betrayal would be a perfect fire to make Rousey more aggressive and would give Natalya the belt, something she never seems to get despite being a stalwart of the division. She has had spiteful heel runs in the past so she has some experience as a heel but this act of betrayal would be the crown jewel of heel turns. Plus it would fuel any Rousey vs. The Authority storyline WWE may want to continue as we could see Steph side with Natalya.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to see a match like this and groan. The way it was set up was awkward and stilted but there are so many options WWE can take with this. They don’t necessarily have to give Ronda the belt just yet but it might not be such a bad idea. She could add a lot of prestige to the belt and the idea of any woman on the roster looking to be champion having to feud with Rousey is certainly a pleasant one. Not to take anything away from Jax either, she is certainly a worthy champion but she just isn’t that compelling currently. The match with Ronda may change that. Let’s just hope it’s a fun watch when Money in the Bank comes around, regardless of the outcome.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.