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7 possible feuds for Kofi Kingston if he wins the WWE Championship at WrestleMania



The New Day’s Kofi Kingston has really come out on his own as a top competitor on WWE’s blue brand. Kingston has always been a gifted performer and accomplished athlete, but in 2019 this seasoned veteran has been propelled to the moon where he finally gets the chance to grab that proverbial brass ring under the bright lights of WrestleMania against a formidable champion in “The New” Daniel Bryan. After overcoming multiple obstacles, defeating some of SmackDown’s top performers in convincing fashion, Kingston looks about ready for his first WWE Championship reign. But if Kingston wins his first world title at WrestleMania, who will step up and challenge him for the strap? Who? Who? Who?

1) Daniel Bryan

Even though WWE has done away with the rematch clause, Daniel Bryan is a fierce competitor who could easily wrestle his way back up the top of the card. The feud between him and Kingston is still red-hot, so WWE may continue to capitalize off the rivalry after WrestleMania and through the Spring season. “The New” Daniel Bryan would do anything to hold onto the WWE Championship and will be likely itching to recapture the gold if he loses the strap this April to Kofi. WrestleMania 35 may just be the beginning of a classic feud between Bryan and Kingston.

2) Shane McMahon

Knowing the intensity of Shane McMahon matches, this feud would actually be better than most would think. I’m sure they’ll be people upset with the belief that there are probably more deserving opponents for Kofi, but this would actually play perfectly into McMahon’s “best in the world” gimmick and generate incredible heat for the boss’ son. I can also see Vinnie Mac getting involved and helping his son win the big one as he already seems to have it out for Kofi. There’s no denying that Shane is an entertaining performer and it’d probably piss off fans to no end if the cocky McMahon actually wins the WWE Championship especially if it were in cheap, underhanded, fashion against the seemingly unstoppable momentum of Kofi Kingston. Shane believes himself to be “the best in the world,” then why not go after the best championship in the world?

3) Big E

Now that Kofi has ascended to the main event division of SmackDown Live, the two other members of New Day seem to have been reduced to the role of cheerleader. Big E and Xavier Woods currently have no direction at the moment other than cheering on their New Day brethren as he looks primed to capture his first world championship in the WWE. But how long will this unity and positivity last until jealousy rears its ugly head? Big E could easily transition into a monster heel and judging by their size difference it wouldn’t be hard to imagine this former NXT Champion doing serious damage to Kingston in the ring. The fans would quickly turn on Big E as they see the beloved New Day break apart before their eyes all for the lust of championship gold.

4) Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston has a history with Randy Orton dating back to 2009 when it first appeared this South African-born superstar was on his way to the main event. Kingston was the sole survivor at Survivor Series 2009, taking out both Orton and CM Punk before falling to Orton a month later at TLC. That feud showed the great potential in Kofi as a main event opponent. Now, Kofi has proven himself as one of the best competitors WWE has to offer. But imagine the level of heat Randy Orton would get if he suddenly knocked off Kofi for the strap on SmackDown or at a pay-per-view. The fans would absolutely lose it, especially on the internet. They’d see the rise of Kofi Kingston crashing down before their eyes with an RKO out of nowhere. Ultimate troll alert! It might even be worse than when Orton defeated Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship only two nights after winning it. A feud between Orton and Kingston in 2019 would also be intense and would bring new life into the stale “Apex Predator.”

5) The Miz

With new episodes of ‘Miz and Mrs’ set for April 2, WWE may look to promote The Miz up the card to spark interest for the show. However, it would be a bit unusual to do so since The Miz is currently a face fighting off the mega-heel “Best in the World” Shane McMahon. The Miz would quickly have to revert to a heel and/or tweener persona, but since he has such good experience as a bad guy he could easily transition into the role at the drop of a hat. He’s also a former WrestleMania headliner with a noted history with Kofi who he defeated for his first singles championship almost ten years ago. The Miz is always hungry for the spotlight and would probably love to be thrust back at the top of the card as “the most must-see WWE Champion of all time.”

6) Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods could become the Seth Rollins of The New Day, betraying both Big E and Kofi Kingston (possibly even with a round of chair shots to pay homage to The Architect). With this move, Woods would instantly turn into a mega-heel/super-villain (since he is a big comic book fan). It would also be a great opportunity for him to step out of the shadow of The New Day brand and make a name for himself on his own much like Seth Rollins in 2014. He may even start calling himself The Architect of The New Day who made the group and destroyed it. Woods created The New Day after all, initially approaching Kingston and Big E with an idea of a three-man tandem back in 2014.

7) AJ Styles

AJ Styles is an obvious choice as a contender for Kofi’s championship. Their styles compliment each other quite well, their in-ring abilities alone would make for an entertaining feud with excellent matches. Unlike some other previously mentioned competitors, AJ Styles won’t necessarily need to change his character or become a heel to engage in a noteworthy feud with Kingston as the heart of competition can carry the feud between both seasoned good guys. The only way I can see these two top stars not feuding somewhere down the line this year is if either one gets drafted to Raw.

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