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NJPW ‘G1 Climax 29’ (7.19.19) Results & Review



The second of a three night run at Korakuen Hall sees the B Block have their third of nine block matches. Jon Moxley has his first main event in New Japan as he aims to stay undefeated against similarly unbeaten Tomohiro Ishii. Juice Robinson is in the same position as he battles to stay out of the loss column against a man who’s still without a win in Jeff Cobb. Another man who’s yet to pick up a win is tournament favorite, Tetsuya Naito. He too will look to get on the board and stay away from dropping his first three matches. There’s a lot to get into, let’s get started!

Shingo Takagi (1-1) def. Taichi (1-1) @ 14:41 via Last of the Dragon – ***1/2
Shingo goes on the attack before the bell, shouldering Taichi to the corner and following with a series of chops. He brings Taichi to the middle and drops him with a vertical suplex to a roaring approval from the crowd. Taichi bails to the outside but Shingo wastes no time going on the chase. The referee tries getting Shingo’s attention and while he’s distracted, Taichi pulls Miho between them and hits Shingo with the microphone stand. He drives Shingo face first into a table, hits him with a chair and rips at his eyes before heading back in the ring. Shingo breaks the count out at fourteen but Taichi is there to stay on the attack, choking Shingo and bringing him to the corner.

The crowd has dueling let’s go Taichi/Taichi go home chants. He snapmares Shingo and kicks him across the back. A pie face wakes Shingo up for a second before Taichi again rips at the eyes and kicks him across the back. Shingo fights back up and delivers a series of strikes but Taichi responds with a flurry of his own, connecting with a lariat in the corner. His control is fought off by a back elbow, lariat and top rope elbow drop from Shingo for a two count. Taichi ducks a sliding lariat and connects with an enzuigiri, side steps a corner attack and lands a second enzuigiri that drops Shingo. The buzzsaw kick is caught, they battle with a flurry of strikes before Taichi hits a third enzuigiri.

Shingo catches Taichi running in with a backdrop suplex but Taichi powers up and hits Shingo with one of his own. Taichi sets up for an Ax Bomber but Shingo catches his arm and pulls Taichi into Noshigami. They charge at each other with lariats, neither man going down. Shingo lands a flurry of combination forearms, charges in with a Pumping Bomber but Taichi stays on his feet and catches Shingo running in with his own Ax Bomber. Before Shingo can make it to his feet, Taichi further grounds him with a buzzsaw kick.

Shingo catches Taichi on the ground with a backslide for two, catches an enzuigiri and turns it into Made in Japan for another two, lands a series of lariats and hoists Taichi up for Last of the Dragon but Taichi slides out. Taichi catches Shingo with a gamengiri followed by a last ride powerbomb for a two count of his own. Shingo catches a thrust kick, tries for Last of the Dragon but Taichi slides out and pushes the referee down. Shingo catches the low blow, lands a flurry of strikes followed by a Pumping Bomber for two. He picks Taichi back up and drops him with Last of the Dragon for the win.

Jeff Cobb (0-2) def. Juice Robinson (2-0) @ 13:22 via Tour of the Islands – ***1/4
They shake before the bell and start with a lock up. Cobb shoves Juice to the corner, Juice ducks a second lock up and hits the ropes. He hits a shoulder, Cobb stays on his feet so Juice follows with a series of punches and lariats in the corner. Cobb sends Juice to the corner but Juice avoids the attack and drops Cobb with a lariat. Cobb gets back up before the cannon ball but Juice is there to land a dropkick that sends Cobb back into the corner. Cobb slides out of the ring before the cannonball can be attempted and catches Juice’s plancha but Juice is able to come off the apron with a somersault senton that takes Cobb down.

Juice brings Cobb by in and lands a top rope crossbody for a two count followed by a pair of standing senton but comes up empty on a standing moonsault. Juice catches Cobb running in the corner with a knee and charges in for a leg lariat but Cobb picks him out of midair and drops him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex followed by a corner back elbow and a standing moonsault for a two count of his own. He sends Juice to the ropes for Tour of the Islands but Juice hangs on and muscles Cobb to his shoulders. Cobb fights it off and the two trade strikes before Cobb hits the ropes only to get caught with a spinebuster followed by a cannonball in the corner. Juice takes Cobb to the top rope where he connects with a frankensteiner for a two count.

Cobb rolls out of the way of a second top rope attack by Juice and takes control by picking Juice up and taking him to the top but Juice lands a series of headbutts and powerbombs Cobb off the second rope for another two. Cobb sends Juice off Pulp Friction and catches him coming in with a swinging backdrop but Juice flips out of the first before Cobb regains control and connects on the second attempt. They make it back to their feet where they battle with a lariat exchange. Cobb blocks one, ducks another, eats a punch and is turned inside out by a lariat for two.

Juice sets up for Pulp Friction but Cobb turns it into a German suple, holds onto the waist and lands a second. Cobb lands a thrust kick before hitting a third German and bridges for two, sends Juice to the ropes for Tour of the Islands but Juice rolls him up for two. Cobb quickly gets back to his feet, catches Juice in a backdrop suplex and finishes him with a Tour of the Islands.

Cobb asks for a handshake after the match but Juice instead raises Cobb’s hand before heading to the back.

Toru Yano (1-1) def. Jay White (0-2) @ 3:04 via Schoolboy – *1/2
White bails outside which upsets Yano who does the same. Gedo distracts Yano causing White to go on the attack outside. He brings Yano back in, Yano removes the turnbuckle pad and rolls White up for two. White does the same for his own two count. Yano launches White to the exposed buckle but White catches himself. Gedo distracts the referee while White low blows Yano and sets up for a Bladerunner. Yano spits water in White’s face, Gedo hops up to the apron in protest, Yano uses the distraction to low blow White and roll him up for the win.

Tetsuya Naito (0-2) def. Hirooki Goto (1-1) @ 14:00 via Destino – ***1/2
Naito makes mention of Goto’s LA Dojo shirt. Goto removes the shirt and while Naito’s back is turne, choke Naito out with the shirt and beats him down before the bell. The bell sounds and Goto stays on the attack with a series of forearms in the corner. Naito reverses position and lays in forearms of his own, spits in Goto’s face and stomps him into the mat. Naito wants the slingshot dropkick but on his way back in the ring, Goto connects with a kick to the chest and takes Naito to the outside where he drives him into the rails repeatedly. Goto waits for Naito on the apron goes for a PK but Naito catches the kick and drives Goto’s knee over the apron.

Naito grabs a hold of the leg and eats a couple of overhands from Goto before dropping his elbow over the knee and sliding back in the ring, content taking the count out. Goto makes it back inside at eighteen but Naito stays on the attack, stomping at the knee, dropping Goto with a knee crusher and a dropkick directly to the knee. Naito applies a figure four and lays back to pose but Goto finds the ropes. Goto fires back up with a series of overhands before Naito goes back afyer the knee and stomps at Goto’s face. Catching the boot, Goto drops Naito with a discuss lariat and follows with a second in the corner.

Naito fights off the Ushigoroshi but gets sent to the corner for a spin kick followed by a back drop suplex for a two count. He again fights off an Ushigoroshi, Goto sends him off on a tornado DDT but Naito drops Goto’s head over his knee and lands a dropkick to the back of his head. Goto crawls to the corner where Naito follows him in with a dropkick to the knee and runs in for a Destino but Goto catches him and takes Naito to the top rope where he drops him with a neckbreaker. Both on their knee, Naito charges in with a forearm and the two have an exchange. They fight up to their feet and continue trading forearm until Naito fakes Goto out and hits a kick to the knee and a German suplex.

Naito charges in for Destino but Goto catches him and turns Naito into an Ushigoroshi for a two count. The crowd is on an 80/20 split in favor of Naito. Goto grabs the wrist and lays in a series of kicks to the chest. Naito fights back, overshoots a reverse frankensteiner attempt, catches Goto in a roll up for two and charges in for Destino but Goto turns it into a reverse GTR. Goto picks Naito up for an Ushigorishi that gets turned into a DDT and Naito quickly follows in with a Destino but only gets a to count. He stays on Goto by hitting a second Destino to secure his first win of the tournament.

Jon Moxley (2-0) def. Tomohiro Ishii (2-0) @ 20:36 via Death Rider – ****1/4
Ishii comes in the ring and goes right up to Moxley face and the two trade forearms. Moxley takes Ishii down but Ishii ducks the PK and they continue trading strikes. Moxley again takes Ishii down, this time with a boot, but Ishii pops up and they continue. Ishii gets dumped to the outside and Moxley follows, taking him up the bleachers and slamming Ishii’s head into the east sign followed by a headbutt. He chops Ishii over the barrier and to the stairs that they climb up and continue on he second level. Moxley lands a running knee and drags Ishii back down the stairs and over the barrier, applies a sleeper and takes the match back into the ring.

The crowd rallies for Ishii who’s getting stomped into the mat by Moxley but asks Moxley if that’s all he’s got for him. Moxley hammers forearms over Ishii forehead which gets him a two count and locks in an STF before grape vining the arms and applying a stranglehold. He pulls Ishii down into a pin for two before bringing Ishii to the corner for a series of chops. Ishii fires up and asks for more which Moxley obliges. He meets Moley’s shoulder attack with his own, takes Moxley down and stays on him with a vertical suplex. Moxley fights back up and lands a series of forearms but Ishii takes him down with only one strikes and dumps him outside where they trade Irish whips into the rails.

Moxley pulls two chairs out from under the ring and challenges Ishii to a chair battle. Ishii accepts but loses the exchange and Moxley takes the opportunity to pull a table out from under as well. He sets the table, takes Ishii to the apron and looks for a urange but Ishii fights it off. Moxley then looks powerbomb, again Ishii fights it off. They fight back in the ring, Moxley lands a John Woo dropkick that sends Ishii to the floor followed by a tope suicida. He grabs chair and drives it over Ishii’s back, runs in for more but Ishii forearms the chair into Moxley’s face and drives it over his back.

Ishii puts Moxley on the table and climbs to the top rope where he lands a splash onto Moxley through the table, sends him back in and hits a vertical suplex off the second rope for two. Moxley ducks a lariat, lands a German suplex but Ishii pops up before being taken back down with a lariat. Ishii catches the running knee and lands a sliding lariat for a two count. He sets up for the brainbuster, Moxley knees free and bites Ishii before landing a running knee strike. Both men on their knees, they trade headbutts to the other’s head and fights up to their feet to continue the exchange.

Ishii charges in with forearms, gets taken down by one from Moxley, blocks a nee strike but is taken down by a urange for two followed by a running knee for another two count. Moxley sets up for Death Rider but Ishii fights it off and turns it into a wrist-clutch lariat followed up by a running lariat for a two count. Ishii sets up for the brainbuster, Moxley fights it off but is taken down by a series of forearms. Ishii looks to take Moxley down with a lariat, Moxley stays on his feet and drops Ishii with a DDT for two. He charges in with a running knee strike before finally finishing Ishii with the Death Rider.

Moxley takes the mic and thanks both the crowd and Ishii. He says no one has the right to tell him what he’s capable of and that he’s going to win the G1.

Other than the uninspired match between White and Yano, this was the best night of the B Block we’ve seen so far. The other four matches all hit their marks and the main event delivered what I believe to have been the best match of the tournament. Taichi took a loss to Shingo but kept the Iron Fingers from Hell hidden so the gimmick is protected for the time being. They had a really strong big boy battle that we’ve seen from Taichi in his matches with Ishii. Juice and Cobb got enough time to set a good foundation that paid off in the end for a nice match. Yano and White was one of the lazier Yano matches you’ll see but White going 0-3 to former Chaos members is an interesting story.

Naito and Goto showed the strong chemistry they’re usually capable of delivering for a strong match. They stayed in the pocket, played to their strengths and had a really nice match that saw Naito finally score his first win of the tournament. The main event was the wild brawl everyone was expecting. Moxley gained a lot of respect from the fans by showing he’s able to go toe-to-toe with the toughest man on the roster and come out with the win. Extremely physical match, everything you could have wanted from these two guys and a great way to end the show. Moxley has cemented himself as the guy to beat in the B Block.

Recommended Matches
Moxley vs Ishii
Naito vs Goto
Shingo vs Taichi
Cobb vs Juice

Jon Moxley (3-0)
Tomohiro Ishii (2-1)
Juice Robinson (2-1)
Shingo Takagi (2-1)
Toru Yano (2-1)
Tetsuya Naito (1-2)
Taichi (1-2)
Hirooki Goto (1-2)
Jeff Cobb (1-2)
Jay White (0-3)

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.

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