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A ‘New Beginning’ for Kenny Omega in Sapporo



After losing his IWGP US Championship to ‘Switchblade’ Jay White tonight in the main event of ‘The New Beginning in Sapporo’ (you can read the full event review here) things got very interesting for Kenny Omega. Here’s what our very own NJPW reporter, Robert McCauley, had to say about the post match situation that everyone is talking about, as it happened.

Post-match, Hangman Page comes down to challenge White. Omega brushes him off and hands the title to White. The rest of Bullet Club come to the ring to show support but Omega pushes Matt, still selling his back, to the canvas. Nick and Matt storm off with Omega looking regretful for his actions. He tries to apologize to the rest of Bullet Club but Scurll walks off too. Next is Page, but Cody doesn’t leave. Instead he hits Omega with Cross Rhodes which prompts Page to come back in and hold Omega down for a beating. Suddenly, Kota Ibushi rushes the ring to save Omega. Both Ibushi and Omega embrace and walk off to the back together.

After months of teasing, the tension between Cody and Omega finally came to a head. It appears that there will be no reconciliation this time around. This opens up so many new doors for Omega in regards to Bullet Club feuds and it will make for some interesting pulling of the heart strings for fans and within the group itself in the weeks and months to come. It’s hard to imagine that Nick and Matt Jackson will fully turn on Omega right away; their loyalties will surely lie with Cody in the end but parting with Omega will not be easy when you consider everything that ‘The Elite’ has built.

In an even bigger moment, Omega and his former Golden Lovers tag team mate, Kota Ibushi, embraced after Ibushi came to his rescue. This signifies a full babyface turn for Omega as his joins Ibushi to recapture some of their old DDT glory on a new stage in New Japan. It’s something that fans have been clamoring for and it’s finally happening at the right time for both men. While there are still many questions to be answered and more plot to play out, we look forward to playing along.

A new beginning indeed.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.