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What we learned from the AEW Rally



Today was the day for the official AEW Double or Nothing Rally. The rally was meant to give us some of the details about Double or Nothing, AEW’s first branded PPV and give the audience some early information about their new company. This included who was being signed and what to expect from the company. Let’s get into those details right now.

So the rally started with some signees we already knew about but were high-profile nonetheless, the team of Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky, Socal Uncensored. They announce some merch and Cody is brought on stage. He is part of the Executive Vice President of AEW and drops a speech about wrestler’s pay being better amongst wins and losses and talking about how fans will not be coached on their opinions of wrestlers. He talks of revolution and seems to want to back up his words in creating a promotion different from anything else out there. Wins and losses will matter now more than ever.

After those details the Young Bucks, who also share Executive vice president duties, took to the stage and announced a partnership with Chinese promotion Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. This is massive news as the promotion is tied to CIMA and looking at Twitter gifs is going to be explosive. They also announce the date for Double or Nothing which is Saturday May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Following the location and date of the event, Brandi Rhodes, the Chief Brand Officer, is brought to the stage to announce the AEW Women’s division. She brings out the first official signee for the women’s division, Britt Baker and announces the fact that the Women’s division will feature some of the top female Japanese in the world. No specifics are given but they also talk about the fact women will receive the same pay as men for their work in AEW.

After the news of the women’s pay, the show is hijacked by one Maxwell Jacob Friedman who bullies Conrad Thompson, who has been hosting the event, off the stage and drops his own promo about the city of Jacksonville. He is interrupted by the Jacksonville mascot as he reveals he too has signed with AEW. He is then attacked by a crutch wielding Joey Janela and it is revealed that both Janela and Penelope Ford are also a part of AEW.

Hangman Page is the next to appear following the confrontation that just happened. He talks about the fans being his boss and talks about his plans to be the first AEW Champion. These hopes are challenged by what could be the biggest signee, PAC. He comes out brandishing his Dragon Gate’s Open the Dream Gate belt and claims “he’s already a champion” and that Page isn’t fit to lace up his boots. PAC storms off and Page finishes with, “if that’s some type of a challenge then I accept.” If AEW is offering a PAC/Page feud then a lot of people will be tuning into Double or Nothing. PAC is without a doubt one of wrestling’s hottest free agents.

One of the last things announced was the fact that there will be a second show that is taking place in Jacksonville Florida. Not a lot of details are given but Cody states that a large portion of the gate will be used to benefit victims of gun violence. This was meant to be the announcement that would end the show but a certain someone made an appearance.

That man was Chris Jericho. He is officially AEW and had to make an appearance at the rally. He claims to be an outlaw and given his behaviour in NJPW that’s a fitting description. He reveals he’ll be at Double or Nothing and makes sure to add that he isn’t with AEW for the money but because he believes this will be something new. He talks about change and promises history will be made. That speech ends the show and the crowd is understandably excited.

So that is everything that was learnt from the AEW Double or Nothing Rally. They have made some bold claims but given the talent running the company, the backing and all the talent they have signed so far, it is hard not to be hopeful. They have some high calibre matches in the works and there will undoubtedly be more aces up their sleeves. What may have seemed to some as The Elite and their buddies is shaping up to be something much much more. The potential is here and if they manage to secure working relationships with other companies then the possibilities for what they could do may be endless. Whilst there may still be a lot of questions surrounding the company, this was the first step in showing the world what AEW was about and just what they could bring. I think it’s safe to say they have left a good first impression.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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