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All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing Press Conference Recap



So the exciting world of All Elite Wrestling has been further added to following the Ticket announcement party. We learnt some new things about the company and some of the goings on at their first official event, Double or Nothing. Here is a breakdown of the announcements and events from the press conference at the MGM Grand Hotel.

News had broken before the event even started. Firstly there was the announcement that Jimmy Havoc had signed with the company a couple of days ago. This being notable as he is a very prominent figure of the British wrestling scene but also because he may very well be one of the best death match wrestlers on the planet. His signing may have hinted at the potential of hardcore matches within AEW. Since they also have Joey Janela, who is also no stranger to hardcore wrestling, we may have some violent gems come out of the company.

The other early news was that AEW have partnered with Lucha Libre AAA. This is yet another company the AEW has made a partnership with and adds another style of wrestler coming into the product. AAA has some exceptional talent that could show up on AEW programming or at events. This is yet another smart move the company has made in ensuring it has talent, business relations and variation within its ranks.

The first talent announcement comes in the first two minutes as Sonny Kiss announces they will be at Double or Nothing. He throws some Double or Nothing t-shirts to the crowd (one landing in the pool) and drops a little promo about shaking ass and kicking it too. Kiss is most famous for his work in Lucha Underground.

Cody came out next. He reconfirmed the partnerships with both OWE and AAA and talks about the tickets going forth. There will be a pre sale on their site with general sale tickets going on sale February 13th.

Next to the stage is AAA Cruiserweight Champion Sammy Guevara. He brags about himself for a bit and he announces he will be at Double or Nothing as well. He is the first AAA superstar confirmed for the company.

Hangman Page is next brought out, he talks about PAC’s interruption last press conference and is then interrupted by PAC again, this time by satellite. PAC drops a scathing promo on Hangman and promises to see him in Vegas. This looks set to be a massive feud for AEW, The Bastard vs the Hangman. It’s also the first match announced for Double or Nothing.
Following that we get the Young Bucks coming to the podium. They talk about their history and their aspirations growing up.

They start to put an emphasis on tag team wrestling and make some subtle digs at other show’s tag team divisions. They vow to bring AEW the best tag team division in the world and even tease that tag team wrestling might be the main event. Following that they bring out the Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta. They make a little promo and hug it out. Just after the Best Friends we get an appearance from the Lucha Brothers Fenix and Pentagon El Zero M. They say very little, instead attacking the Bucks right there on stage. Fenix takes the mic and states they are the best tag team in the universe. Looks like it’ll be the Bucks vs the Brothers at Double or Nothing. Where Best Friends fit hasn’t been announced.

After that uproar, there is talk of the women’s division with both Dr Britt Baker and Penelope reconfirmed. Brandi Rhodes comes to the podium to discuss it further. Her speech starts with talk of Japanese women’s wrestlers who will be working at Double or Nothing.

Both Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong are announced for Double or Nothing. Brandi then brings out the next signee, Kylie Rae. She plays to the crowd and Brandi stops her from leaving to make another announcement. Nyla Rose comes out and is revealed as the second women’s signee of the night. Rae tries to be friendly but Nyla isn’t having any of it. The two are about to fight but Brandi and security break it up.

Are next guests are brought out by Excalibur, the trio that is SCU. They announce the Double or Nothing afterparty, SCU all night. They will be hosting the party and are ready to party with fans. Daniels stops the group from leaving; they have another announcement to make alongside Excalibur. Excalibur starts talking about CIMA and OWE. Next is a highlight tape all about what OWE is and CIMA is brought out with the Vice President and CEO of OWE. They talk about their partnership and what they will bring with them, most notably the infusion of kung fu and pro wrestling. SCU then announce a match between themselves and OWE. This should mean we get SCU vs Stronghearts at Double or Nothing.

Next, we get a Smash Brothers esque graphic with Kenny Omega’s outline, then just like that the man himself appears. The man everyone was expecting to appear has appeared and it is instantly revealed that Kenny Omega is in fact AEW and looks to be an Executive Vice President alongside Cody and the Bucks. He apologises for the delay on announcing his signing with the company and that he is a full-time member of the AEW roster. He talks about the journey to change the world and what that whole mantra means. Kenny’s speech is interrupted by the self-proclaimed Outlaw and the Alpha Chris Jericho.

The two stare down and a brawl breaks out. They’re pulled apart by members of SCU, security and Cody. It would appear we are going to get Alpha/Omega 2 at Double or Nothing. Omega comes back to the podium with Chris Jericho’s hat and wishes the crowd Goodbye and Goodnight, BANG!

With that the conference is over. We got details on what some of the matches at Double or Nothing will be and more of the talent that will either be working with or are signed with AEW. Whilst there was not talk of the TV deal there was a lot of information about the Double or Nothing event. Fans learnt when tickets are out and more of what to expect. This is shaping up to be an exciting show, one that may even top the hype of All In. The talent is there and the team behind it should be more than capable of sculpting something exceptional. Here’s to seeing what May 25th brings.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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