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Alpha Dog: Why Chad Gable will inevitably be American Alpha’s breakout star



“That’s funny, I heard them chanting “Gable, Gable” but not “Jordan”…”

I can’t help but think of WWE superstar Tyler Breeze’s heated words towards Jason Jordan as the two had a minor backstage qualm that was captured on camera and aired on an episode of WWE’s “Breaking Ground” a couple of years back. At the time, American Alpha was really starting to heat up in the tag team rankings and earned comparisons to teams like Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, “The World’s Tag Team” or even more special, a parallel comparison to the Steiner Brothers of old.

It seemed that the pair was destined to be tag team champions in both NXT and WWE, a pair of accolades that came to fruition just not in the way we all expected. After a brief run as champions in NXT, Alpha was fast tracked to the main roster where they quickly captured tag team gold on “Smackdown Live” defeating the super team of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. The world seemed to be the team’s oyster, but with little to no build leading up to their main roster championship win, Alpha fizzled quickly, dropping the titles and disappearing from television as swiftly as they arrived.

With the resurfacing of Kurt Angle, it was only a matter of time before a storyline involving Alpha came to light. They look every bit the part of “Team Angle” and both have the wrestling background and chops to hang in there with the WWE legend, yet what materialized was an angle involving Jordan being the illegitimate son of the WWE Hall of Famer in a move that has caused confusion and even left “The Miz” taking a step backward. With the Jordan/Miz feud floundering, it saw one of the WWE’s current best promo men and “The Miztourage” relegated to battling Jordan and The Hardyz on the Kickoff show to a near empty building as people filed into this past Sunday’s “Summerslam” event.

While I am a Jason Jordan fan, it still goes without saying that Jordan has been nothing short of stale on the microphone. His mono-toned, flatly delivered promos sound akin to “Rocky Balboa” reading lines from the commercial cue cards in “Rocky II” and his early in ring work as a singles competitor has also been average at best in a feud that should be a career sky rocket into the upper echelon.

While Jordan has been handed the ball and what seems to be a laid out path into the Intercontinental title picture, Gable has silently been part of the best matches week in and week out on “Smackdown Live”. With career best performances against superstars like Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Rusev; Gable has raised more than a few eyebrows, leaving one to ponder if Vince has selected the proper “golden boy” for his Angle based storyline.

Personally, I love the fact that Gable is getting the slow burn. Much like a youthful Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart, Gable has the technical prowess and ability to work with a range of opponents and comes from a tag team where it was hard to pinpoint who the stronger partner was early on. While Gable is the smaller partner, he is more technical and far more comfortable in the ring than Jordan; he is also the better of the two when it comes to cutting promos and finding cheeky things to say on the microphone. Though his best and latest matches have all been losses, they have all been against world-class opponents who are well decorated and well-traveled. Losing to Owens or Styles at this point of his career doesn’t put a blip on Gable’s record. Instead, it shows that he can hold his own against the WWE’s best in the current terms while building suspense for later feuds that will see Gable prosper and grow as a singles superstar. While the burn will be slow, it is bound to spread magnificently.

After years of toil, we saw smaller guys like Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero all become world champion and Gable has every bit of potential to be Alpha’s breakout star when you see the parallels between his career and the careers of those men. To me, those championships mean more than when the belt is easily passed to someone new. The fans are more invested, they are more outspoken and they are damn vocal when it comes to lobbying for the star they love. It’s almost as if the control comes into their hands and they are able to say “This is our guy!” as opposed to being fed a superstar who hasn’t earned that type of admiration amongst the fans inside the squared circle. Mark my words…Gable can be that guy and even more boldly I predict that Gable will be that guy.

As we suffer through what I hope is nearly end of the Miz/Jordan feud, I wish the best to both competitors while now seeing the Alpha split in a different light. While I once panicked thinking Chad Gable would be lost in the shuffle, I now switch that fear to an out-of-place Jason Jordan who is underperforming in a strong position, as the world watches Gable turn nothing into something week in and week out. The world is ready and willing Chad, we just need to keep being “Gable”.

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