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Bullet Club ‘invades’ Monday Night RAW (Video)



Videos of a Bullet Club invasion took over social media last night as the crew showed up to WWE’s RAW taping in Ontario, California. Now, you can see everything that happened through the eyes of The Young Bucks, ‘The Villain’, Cody and Hangman in Episode 73 of Being the Elite.

Did the Bullet Club finally capture the WWE Stooge who abducted Hangman? Will The Young Bucks ever be able to say ‘Suck It’ again? Did Cody get his last name back? And most importantly, why was he reciting Bill Pullman’s highly inspirational speech from Independence Day?

If you’re a fan of the best wrestling related show running on YouTube today, this episode is particularly rewarding. And if you’re new to the series—there’s no better time than now to start watching.

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