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Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar – WWE Crown Jewel Preview



Cain Velasquez challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship has been set for the company’s Crown Jewel event on Thursday, October 31 at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Nitrogen Sports, one of the most reputable sportsbooks today, will offer betting odds for this event.

Velasquez, a former UFC heavyweight champion, showed up on the inaugural Friday Night SmackDown show on Fox last week, shocking MMA and pro wrestling fans alike and the potential fight with Lesnar will have intrigue attached to it.

WWE set this up on the September 30 episode of Monday Night Raw, when Lesnar repeatedly attacked Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick. Lesnar had a WWE Championship match against Kofi Kingston on Friday Night SmackDown and he destroyed him in just six-seconds but while he was celebrating, Rey Mysterio’s music hit and he appeared with Cain Velasquez at his side.

Brock Lesnar acted like he had seen a ghost and Velasquez entered the ring, took him down and delivered multiple punches. Lesnar eventually retreated and the next day WWE confirmed the match.

Lesnar and Velasquez have big history between them. The Mexican fighter took Lesnar’s heavyweight title at UFC 121 on October 23, 2010, after a first-round TKO and now he will try to make sure that history repeats itself.

The 37-year-old, who also appeared in the first UFC show on Fox in 2011, is one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in UFC history but his inability to stay healthy prevented him from having even more success and it may hinder his potential chances of making the UFC Hall of Fame.

The legendary fighter went 14-3 in his MMA career, with 12 of his wins coming via knockout. He began his career with Strikeforce in 2006 and went 12-3 in the UFC between 2008 and 2019. As mentioned above, he won his first UFC heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar and he would lose it in his first defense against Junior dos Santos on UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. dos Santos on November 12, 2011.

He then won it back at UFC 155 on December 29, 2012, also against dos Santos and defended it against Antonio Silva and dos Santos before losing it to Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188 on June 13, 2015.

Velasquez had two more fights in the UFC, first, he would beat Travis Browne at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016, and then he lost to Francis Ngannou at UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs. Velasquez on February 17, 2019. He has been training to be a pro wrestler for some time and he made his debut at AAA’s Triplemania 27 on August 3, looking impressive in his debut.

He wrestled in a six-man tag team match alongside Psycho Clown and Cody Rhodes against Texano Jr., Taurus, and Killer Kross and got the win for his team after applying his signature Kimura Lock to Texano while a crowd of 18,000 at the Arena CDMX cheered loudly.

Negotiations for Velasquez to be a full-time WWE Superstar are still going on but his feud with Lesnar is imminent. Cain Velasquez is obviously capable of beating Lesnar. Should he do it again this time?

I don’t think that Velasquez should win the WWE Championship so soon! Brock Lesnar’s reign has just started, Velasquez is new, not just to the company but to pro wrestling in general and having him win his first WWE match isn’t a smart decision. He can’t lose either, this should be a long feud and the way to extend it is to make this match end without a clean finish.

I would make Rey Mysterio or even Kofi Kingston interfere somehow, creating a DQ or have both wrestlers get counted out or be unable to continue.

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