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Choosing the rest of the field for Money in the Bank 2018



It is officially Money in the Bank season. Time to start taking bets on who’s gonna be in the ladder matches and who’s gonna win. So far, WWE has revealed 3 superstars from both shows that will take place in their respective ladder matches. From RAW we have Finn Balor, Ember Moon and Braun Strowman. From Smackdown we have Charlotte, The Miz and Rusev. So it is looking to be a good showing so far. Now let’s pick the remaining superstars to fill the gaps. There will be three men and women from each show and why they should get a spot at Money in the Bank.


Bobby Roode—Bobby Roode has been wasted since he made his debut on the main roster. He has been forced into a smiling, happy face role he doesn’t seem quite comfortable doing. If they put him in this match and he wins, we might finally see a return of the arrogant and pompous heel Roode was so good as in NXT. I feel WWE owe Bobby Roode something after that embarrassing dance section at Backlash.

Bobby Lashley—The battle of the Bobby’s continues. This time it’s the big man Bobby Lashley. If WWE want to build him up, this interview style they tried on RAW was an absolute misstep. Lashley will stand out way more for his actions than his words. Putting him in the match will see how he handles a big match in front of the WWE crowd. It’ll be interesting to see him fight his tag partner Braun Strowman too. Imagine the two monsters going at it.

Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn—Both may have lost their current Money in the Bank qualifiers but if there’s anything “Kami” likes bragging about it’s how much Stephanie McMahon loves them. It is easy to see one of them added by her hand. It might be even more entertaining to see them have to fight each other to get a position in the ladder match. It would be more beneficial to see Kevin Owens in the match as he is incredibly creative in gimmick matches and it could be a chance for him to get revenge on Braun for past humiliations.

RAW Women

Any member of the Riott Squad—Riott did lose her MITB qualifier but there are still more members of the squad to qualify. Liv Morgan or Sarah Logan can both take a spot in the match to represent the squad. It would also mean that if one member is in the match the option for interference and numbers advantages are there. This would add another threatening element to a dangerous match. With Riott’s current momentum it would be nice to see at least one member of her stable gain a position.

Bayley—Bayley is in a bit of rough patch right now. She is stuck floundering with this on/off feud with Sasha and as such is losing fan reactions and momentum. A strong showing in the MITB match would re-ignite some crowd love for her. There is also the potential to use this as fuel for the Sasha feud. If Bayley succeeds where Sasha fails then it would be interesting to see the fallout. Sasha could easily interject herself in the MITB just to attack Bayley if she wanted to.

Ronda Rousey—People want to see Ronda Rousey on WWE TV. So far she has had one match and appears to be acting as a personal bodyguard to Natalya. She would be the perfect addition to this match as we will get to see her interact with Charlotte and many other members of both rosters. She would be a legitimate threat in the match too. You could imagine her getting announced as an addition and everyone just panicking. If she isn’t mentioned instantly then she may play a role if Natalya succeeds in her MITB qualifier.

Smackdown Men

Big Cass—Big Cass needs to prove himself after that loss to Daniel Bryan. A chance to do that would be to have him fight in the MITB match. It would also work to rub salt in the wounds of Daniel Bryan as he lost his qualifier. While still not the most interesting superstar on the roster, this could at least give him some momentum. He even dropped an amazing promo after last night’s Smackdown so now he needs to back up his words.

Andrade Cien Almas—Almas hasn’t debuted yet, what better way to give someone a strong showing than decimating a qualifier match. Almas would be perfect for the ladder match as his wrestling style would lead to some excellent spots in the match. Throw in his mean streak and arrogant persona and he would be a perfect alliance maker with the Miz. This would be an excellent way to give one of your new NXT call-ups a strong showing.

Eric Young or Killian Dain—Much in the same way Almas has yet to debut, Sanity will be making their debut really soon. Again it would be a good idea to give them a substantial showing by having at least one of their members making the men’s MITB. Eric is the leader so it would be interesting to see him gain the briefcase or given his recent ladder match performance at Takeover, more interesting to see Killian Dane in the match. Plus if Sanity get the MITB briefcase and then take the Tag team belts, we could see a full on Sanity takeover of Smackdown.

Smackdown Women

Asuka—Although the streak may be dead, Asuka is still a threat to the women’s division. She could still destroy most members of the women’s roster. Much like Rousey adding her to the match adds another dangerous element to a dangerous match. Asuka needs something big to do now the streak is gone, she will seriously suffer is she stays lost in the fold. Plus just imagine her terrorising Carmella if she got the briefcase.

The IIconics—Peyton Roice lost to Charlotte last night so that is one member down, but if Billie Kay gets her qualifier and wins, then both members will show up. The IIconics haven’t had the strongest showing since showing up on the Smackdown roster so this would be a way to make them more relevant and give them a better showing. They already talk the talk but now they need to walk the walk. The MITB match would easily be a chance to show their team work tandem and heel tactics to a wider audience and screwing over other superstars.

Becky Lynch—It’s a tossup between Becky Lynch and Absolution here but Becky just wins this. It’s sad to see Becky Lynch go from the first Smackdown women’s champion to completely lost in the fold. She has lost to almost everyone lately and been made to look weak. So this would be a small step in rebuilding her as a competitor again. Absolution doesn’t need to be involved in the ladder match as I think they have a story to build with Paige. Becky has very little going on at the moment.

In Conclusion

So those are my predictions for who may end up in the MITB matches across both rosters. There are rumours that a tag team money in the bank match will be happening at this year’s MITB. If that is announced then expect to see another predictions piece for who will be in that match. So far these MITB matches have had excellent announced superstars and the potential is there for this to more than make up for the boredom of Backlash. Plus can we just address this again; Rusev is in the MITB match. I didn’t have to bring him up here. WWE actually gave him a clean win of Daniel Bryan. Maybe he’ll go all the way and win. Happy Rusev Day.

John is a UK based wrestling obsessive who still wants to believe the Bullet Club is fine. He is always tearing the business apart and first realised wrestling was for him when he saw Mankind fall from the top of the cell at King of the Ring 1998.

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