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Chris Jericho is coming to Wrestle Kingdom 12 (Full Video)



The wrestling world is still buzzing from Chris Jericho’s appearance earlier today via satellite at Power Struggle, where the ‘Lionheart’ would challenge Kenny Omega to a match on January 4th in Tokyo. Here’s a full transcript of the video:

Kenny Omega. What a dynamic performer. What a fantastic, tremendous performer. But he’s not the best in the world. I am. So many have claimed to be the best, from Shawn Michaels to Edge to CM Punk but they’re all gone — and I’m still here. Because I am the best in the world. I am the greatest of all-time. I am the alpha of this business. And I’m gonna prove it. Cause I’m challenging you, Kenny. Jericho versus Kenny. Alpha versus Omega — to see who is really the best. I wanna meet you — January 4th at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in the Tokyo Dome. So let’s see who’s really the best, bitch. 

When Jericho meets Omega in Tokyo, it’ll mark the first time that he’ll have wrestled outside of WWE since the summer of 1999. 

You can find our full recap of today’s Power Struggle card by clicking through this link to see what else is on tap for Wrestle Kingdom 12

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