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CM Punk forced to divulge what ‘CM’ stands for under oath



A defamation trial in Chicago began this week pitting CM Punk and Colt Cabana against WWE doctor Chris Amann. Amann is seeking compensation for comments Punk made in a “tell all” interview on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast back in late 2014 that suggested the doctor misdiagnosed and mistreated the former professional wrestler while under contract with the company.

One of the biggest takeaways from Punk’s testimony was the confirmation of his nickname. While many believed that the name officially did stand for ‘Chick Magnet’ because of his former tag team of the same name, Punk would never admit to it in interviews.

Chicago Made, Cookie Monster, Charles Manson, Chuck Mosley, C. Montgomery Burns — these were just a few of the names Punk and others have teased that the CM stood for over time. Earlier today, under oath, Punk admitted that the CM does indeed stand for Chick Magnet. Here’s confirmation via Gregory Pratt of the Chicago Tribune who has been on the scene throughout the trial.

After going through the stress of this ongoing libel trial in Chicago, Punk will make his second appearance inside of the UFC octagon next Saturday night to take on MMA videographer/photographer and website runner Mike Jackson. The fight will open up the PPV portion of UFC 225.

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