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Corey Graves responds to Booker T’s threats



Corey Graves posted the following on social media in response to Booker T’s recent threat to his former RAW broadcast partner:

The response was to Booker’s call out of Graves on a recent episode of his ‘Heated Conversations‘ podcast.

Booker claimed that he was removed from his role alongside Graves on RAW because there was a fear that he was going to “drag him…take him out to the woodshed…and beat him until he said, plead don’t beat me anymore.” Booker also claimed that if he catches Corey on the street he will take care of him there. Booker was replaced by Jonathan Coachman behind the desk beginning with last week’s episode of RAW.

Booker explained that he was moved to a pre-show role with the company to cool him down and get him away from Graves for the time being.

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