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Daniel Bryan is not the little guy



This Daniel Bryan/Big Cass feud, in my opinion, is a disaster. Cass’ promos have not been good. Daniel Bryan has done what he can but they’ve been more focused on putting him in “first time ever” matches than using him to build this rivalry, if you can even call it that. Worst of all, Cass is not the Goliath to Daniel’s David. If anything, it’s the other way around.

First, every claim Cass has made that Daniel “hasn’t ever faced anyone like him” is patently not true. Team Hell No wasn’t sunshine and rainbows; him and Kane had multiple matches. Kane is taller than Cass (Cass is actually 6’9”) and has way more credibility.

How about Daniel Bryan vs the Wyatt family? Harper and Rowan are at least as big as Cass and Bryan fought them regularly. Bryan not only has fought people at least as big as Cass, he has regularly beat them under all sorts of stipulations.

Is Bryan physically smaller than Cass? Of course. On the main roster, the only person Bryan might not be smaller than is AJ Styles and please book that match to happen and actually have a finish because those two will tear down wherever they wrestle and adjacent areas.

I’m sidetracking. Back on point.

Where Bryan is larger is in his star power. The list of guys who are so over they can almost do no wrong right now: Rusev, Bryan, Elias, and Seth with maybe Braun thrown in as well. Cass isn’t even close and being “7” feet tall isn’t going to get him there. That’s not how we’re wired as a people or a crowd any more. WWE has really successfully transitioned us to believe that the smaller, more technical guys can take down anyone.
WWE is no longer the land of giants. I believe we’re entering an era where the “wrestling” part of WWE might actually be on par with the “entertainment” part. Daniel Bryan was a huge part of that conversion. On the scale of influence, Daniel’s run against the authority from Summerslam to Wrestlemania 30 might even rival how Stone Cold Steve Austin brought WWE into the Attitude Era.

To be on that level or anywhere close makes you the giant. The size of Daniel Bryan is not in his physical stature. It’s what he means to us as the audience. It’s the technical prowess we know he brings. He told us to fight for our dreams and we believed him because we’ve seen him do it in front of our very eyes. Daniel Bryan is at a point that whenever his music hits, no matter how long he’s been gone, the crowd will throw their fingers up in the air and chant “Yes”. You know who gets that response?

Stone Cold. The Rock. The Undertaker. Shawn Michaels. And now, Daniel Bryan.

Somehow, some way, we’re supposed to believe that Big Cass is going to win just because he’s physically bigger? Cass without Enzo lacks character. He has two defining characteristics: he’s tall and he’s from New York. I’ll extend Cass this grace: he hasn’t been around long enough to show if he’s ultimately going to flop or not. This program against Daniel Bryan, however, isn’t going to get him there.

Let me be clear though: it’s entirely possible Big Cass wins on Sunday. Daniel Bryan could take this loss and be completely unaffected. That’s what happens when you reach the level I talked about earlier and Bryan is easily selfless enough to do that to try and help build Cass.

I believe we need more. Cass needs to be more than height. He needs something to give his character another dimension. Enzo brought an overwhelming charisma that, while annoying, made everyone shine and really made Cass look like a star. Now Cass needs to fill that hole on his own. Trying to be the big man when you’re up against one of the all-time best characters with one of the best story arcs ever is not going to fill that void.
Do I hope he does it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Is this feud doing that for him?

No! No! No!

image credit – WWE

Alex Mihailoff is a WWE fan who loves a good storyline and overanalyzing the WWE. He doesn’t know everything but will readily give his opinion on anything.

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