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DDT D-King Grand Prix 2018 Night 2 (1.7.18) Results & Review



The second night of the inaugural DDT D-King Grand Prix took place at Hirano Community Hall in Osaka, Japan with 438 in attendance. The winner of this round robin tournament will receive a shot at the top prize of DDT, KO-D Championship.

I will only be reviewing tournament matches, of which there were six. Here we go.

Kazusada Higuchi def. Soma Takao @ 10:12 via Doctor Bomb
Takao’s quickness is challenged by the brute force of Higuchi. Even when his chest was practically caved in by chops Takao showed spirited and managed to push Higuchi further than he probably expected. The match was back and forth with the bigger man always finding a way to use his power to his advantage. True toughness was shown by Takao, who refused to back down from any of Higuchi’s strikes.

HARASHIMA def. Joey Ryan @ 10:49 via Somato (Running double knee strike)
The first comedy based match of the tournament features Joey Ryan. Oh, you aren’t surprised? HARASHIMA let Joey do all the ridiculous spots that make him the sensational wrestler we all know and some love. It’s always nice to see wrestlers go all in on his ridiculousness. It may not be my taste but I like when wrestlers get along with each others different styles. He flipped HARASHIMA with his dick, put the lollipop in his mouth, no sold dick kicks. All that fun stuff. Then HARASHIMA kicked him to death.

Mike Bailey def. Akito @ 11:36 via Roll Up
This was pure dissection of Bailey’s knee. Akito was relentless in his attacks, focused solely on the knee throughout the match. Each time Bailey had hope, he’s miss his strike and fall onto his bad knee. Once Akito was ready to seal up the win, Bailey counters the attempted Sharpshooter into a pin and sneaks away with the win. Very well put together match.

Jiro Kuroshio def. Masahiro Takanashi @ 12:56 via Roll Up
Takanashi wasn’t having any of Jiro’s shenanigans. He tied him up in the ropes early on and attacked the arm. Ever the resilient one, Jiro battled off all Takanashi’s attempts and forced him into his game. They traded pin attempts until Jiro was able to come out on top. My love for everything Jiro has been stated but this felt as long as it ended up being.

Yukio Sakaguchi def. Daisuke Sasaki @ 6:58 via Cobra Clutch
These two started off trying to big dog each other in the other’s style. Sasaki hit a running knee at the bell and delivered palm strikes onto Sakaguchi, who weathered the storm and threw Sasaki into rows of chairs. The finish came out of nowhere. Once Sakaguchi locked the Cobra Clutch Sasaki was quick to tap. Nice taste of something completely different from anything else on the show.

Konosuke Takeshita vs Tetsuya Endo – 30 Minute Draw
The top feud of DDT continued here in the main event. Former tag team partners, Takeshita and Endo has their next instalment of their series and this time it ended in a draw. The fans so desperately want Endo to finally reach the top by beating Takeshita but he remains unable. These two have had draws in the past and this was a fitting match for the series they’ve created but it’s hard to recommended someone to watch a draw that goes thirty minutes, especially if they haven’t any context.

The second night of the D-King Grand Prix was solid but nothing reached the level of Ishikawa/Bailey from night one. The top match was Takeshita/Endo but it’s hard to recommend a thirty minute draw to someone who hasn’t seen the lead up to the match. I’m not going to recommend anything but the main, Bailey/Akito and Higuchi/Takao were all good matches.

A Block:
Jiro Kurpshio (2-0-0) 4pts.
Tetsuya Endo (1-0-1) 3pts.
Keisuke Ishii (1-0-0) 2 pts.
HARASHIMA (1-1-0) 2pts.
Konosuke Takeshita (0-1-1) 1pts.
Joey Ryan (0-1-0) 0pts.
Masahiro Takanashi (0-2-0) 0pts.

B Block:
Yukio Sakaguchi (2-0-0) 4pts.
Shuji Ishikawa (1-0-0) 2pts.
Mike Bailey (1-1-0) 2pts.
Akito (1-1-0) 2pts.
Kazusada Higuchi (1-1-0) 2pts.
Daisuke Sasaki (0-2-0) 0pts.
Soma Takao (0-1-0) 0pts.

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