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DDT D-King Grand Prix 2018 Night 4 (1.10.18) Results & Review



The fourth night of the inaugural DDT D-King Grand Prix took place in Nerima, Tokyo. The winner of this round robin tournament will receive a shot at the top prize of DDT, KO-D Championship.

I will only be reviewing tournament matches, of which there were six. Here we go.

Kazusada Higuchi def. Akito @ 9:30 via Doctor Bomb
Rather than the knee, like most of the tournament, Akito decided to target Higuchi’s arm. This lead to Higuchi pulling off impressive feats of pulling Akito up out of armbars with a single arm. Great power wrestling from Higuchi in this David versus Goliath contest. Akito wasn’t able to do enough to gain sustained favor over Higuchi and as a result wasn’t victorious. Really solid opening match.

Joey Ryan def. Keisuke Ishii @ 8:07 via Superkick
Unlike his opponents before him, Ishii wasn’t having any of Joey’s shenanigans. Unfortunatley for him, that didn’t stop Joey. Ishii was tossed off the apron to the floor via Joey’s dick and for the finish had Joey’s lollipop in his mouth while he took the superkick. Definitely my favorite match of Joey’s so far in the tournament. He faced more resistance from his opponent than he has previously and had to give us a little more wrestling than he usually does.

Daisuke Sasaki def. Soma Takao @ 11:02 via Now or Never
This was all Sasaki with a few flurries from Takao. Every time it seemed Takao would gain advantage, Sasaki would transition into a facelock. Sasaki offered a position in Damnation to Takao post-match but was denied. They had a few nice moments in here but struggled to keep my attention throughout.

Tetsuya Endo def. Jiro Kuroshio @ 14:05 via Shooting Star Press
When the tournament was announced this match was one that I circled. Two really fluid, highflying wrestlers with opposite characters, it had the makings of a dynamic match. They didn’t disappoint. Starting off by showing off with various top rope moves, they eventually turned it into a limb selling match when Jiro attacked the arm of Endo. Any time Endo tried to cement a good deal of offense, Jiro was there to bring him back down. Even flow throughout this once and it felt like they could have gone longer. Without a doubt a highlight of the four nights so far. Extremely solid match that leaves you wanting more.

Shuji Ishikawa def. Yukio Sakaguchi @ 15:26 via Splash Mountain
Extremely hard worked match between these two. They went very hard and put in a lot of effort. Both showed a lot of spirit, Shuji shrugging off Sakaguchi’s kicks and Sakaguchi refusing to succumb to Shuji’s power. Ultimately, Shuji’s power won him the match. The effort really shined through here and made this a fun match from beginning to end.

Konosuke Takeshita def. HARASHIMA @ 15:51 via German Suplex
Very good main event, as all main events of the tournament have been. While sliding out of a suplex, Takeshita tweaked his knee and HARASHIMA smelled blood in the water. He relentlessly attacked Takeshita’s knee, making him nearly immobile. Once Takeshita was struggling to make it to his feet is when HARASHIMA began pelting him with knees to the head. In a last ditch effort Takeshita dodged the knees, came from behind and delivered a German suplex and rolled HARASHIMA up for the win. Beautiful display of storytelling by these two leads to a strong ending to night four.

Very solid night of wrestling with two really good matches. Sasaki/Takao disappointed me a little but other than that everything hit its mark as far as I’m concerned. Takeshita and Endo now sit tied at the top of the A block while Shuji Ishikawa stands alone on the top of B block.

Recommended Matches
Tetsuya Endo vs Jiro Kuroshio
Konosuke Takeshita vs HARASHIMA


A Block:
Tetsuya Endo (2-0-1) 5pts.
Konosuke Takeshita (2-1-1) 5pts.
Jiro Kuroshio (2-2-0) 4pts.
Keisuke Ishii (2-1-0) 4 pts.
HARASHIMA (2-2-0) 4pts.
Joey Ryan (1-2-0) 2pts.
Masahiro Takanashi (0-3-0) 0pts.

B Block:
Shuji Ishikawa (3-0-0) 6pts.
Daisuke Sasaki (2-2-0) 4pts.
Kazusada Higuchi (2-2-0) 4pts.
Yukio Sakaguchi (2-1-0) 4pts.
Mike Bailey (1-2-0) 2pts.
Akito (1-3-0) 2pts.
Soma Takao (1-2-0) 2pts.

Robert McCauley hasn't missed an NJPW show since the launch of NJPW World. Always be on the look out for his reviews where he shares results and gives his honest opinions on the goings-on of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

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