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DDT D-King Grand Prix 2018 Night 5 (1.11.18) Results & Review



The fifth night of the inaugural DDT D-King Grand Prix took place in Yokohama, Japan. The winner of this round robin tournament will receive a shot at the top prize of DDT, KO-D Championship.

I will only be reviewing tournament matches, of which there were six. Here we go.

Tetsuya Endo def. Joey Ryan @ 8:25 via Shooting Star Press
Thinking he came into the match with a foolproof plan, Endo’s gloves had no impact on Joey’s dick. Although his plan was rendered useless he was still able to overcome Joey’s offense. He took not one, but two lollipop’s and a second rope Dick Toss. By far I found this to be the most entertaining Joey Ryan match of the tournament. They played off all his signatures really well and ended up getting me to bite once or twice. Well structured match, congratulations to them. Endo’s victory eliminates Joey from D-King contention.

Soma Takao def. Akito @ 8:19 via Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver
This match was dominated by Akito. He owned Takao with his mat wrestling for the majority but Takao would have his flash pin counters that would take Akito off his game. Trying to regain his composure, he fell into Takao’s trap and was took the loss. With this loss Akito is effectively eliminated from the possibility of winning D-King.

Jiro Kuroshio def. Keisuke Ishii @ 11:52 via Moonsault
So much aggression from the start of this match. Ishii wasn’t having any of Jiro’s games and took him out on the outside. Jiro managed to break the count out and basically it was all him from there. He countered Ishii’s fire with fire of his own and this lead to one of the better matches of the tournament. Neither guy was wanting to back down, resulting in a hotly contested and very fun match.

Mike Bailey def. Yukio Sakaguchi @ 9:57 via Roundhouse Kick
Two of wrestling most prominent strikers squared off in what was one of the best tournament matches as far as I’m concerned. The techniques of both men were on point here and had a feeling of unpredictability. Any strike could be the end of the match and that’s exactly what happened. Sakaguchi was getting up off the mat, just like he’d done several other times during the match, but this time was met with a kick to the head and lights out. Very good match, a top five of the tournament for me.

Masahiro Takanashi def. Konosuke Takeshita @ 11:18 via Roll Up
Endo’s win earlier in the night made it impossible for Takanashi to win D-King so for him this was all about pride. He faced the KO-D Openweight Champion, Takeshita, who absolutely dominated him in this match. There was no hope for Takanashi here, or at least that’s how it looked. He managed to get a surprise win off of a roll up and receiving his first tournament win. Takeshita is no longer keeping pace with Endo, who now sits alone at the top of the block. Dominating match from Takeshita with a surprise win. Good stuff.

Daisuke Sasaki def. Shuji Ishikawa @ 16:20 via Roll Up
The Damnation brothers put on an absolutely awesome main event. The match started with Sasaki ordering Shuji to lay down for him and give him the win. Shuji wouldn’t stay down for the three, countered a pin into a roll up which Sasaki kicked out of and we were off. These two had an extreme match, feature many, many chair spots, one of which being a Sunset Bomb to the outside through a tower of chairs. Eat your heart out, Hiromu. They hurled chairs at one another’s heads, Sasaki ate some huge lariats, what an awesome match. Shuji had him up for Splash Mountain, Sasaki countered into a pin which won the match. Awesome. Right up there with Shuji/Bailey from the first night, one of the must-see matches of the tournament.

I think it’s fair to say that night five was the best show start to finish so far in the tournament. Every match hit its mark and the main event ruled. We also got our first eliminations of the tournament, those being Joey Ryan, Takanashi and Akito. With two nights to go, eleven of the fourteen competitors are still alive. Great show.

Recommended Matches
Daisuke Sasaki vs Shuji Ishikawa
Mike Bailey vs Yukio Sakaguchi
Jiro Kuroshio vs Keisuke Ishii


A Block:
Tetsuya Endo (3-0-1) 7pts.
Jiro Kuroshio (3-2-0) 6pts.
Konosuke Takeshita (2-2-1) 5pts.
Keisuke Ishii (2-2-0) 4 pts.
HARASHIMA (2-2-0) 4pts.
Joey Ryan (1-3-0) 2pts. ELIMINATED
Masahiro Takanashi (1-3-0) 2pts. ELIMINATED

B Block:
Daisuke Sasaki (3-2-0) 6pts.
Shuji Ishikawa (3-1-0) 6pts.
Kazusada Higuchi (2-2-0) 4pts.
Yukio Sakaguchi (2-2-0) 4pts.
Mike Bailey (2-2-0) 4pts.
Soma Takao (2-2-0) 4pts.
Akito (1-4-0) 2pts. ELIMINATED

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