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DDT D-King Grand Prix 2018 Night 6 (1.13.18) Results & Review



The sixth night of the inaugural DDT D-King Grand Prix took place in Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan with 235 in attendance. The winner of this round robin tournament will receive a shot at the top prize of DDT, KO-D Championship.

I will only be reviewing tournament matches, of which there were six. Here we go.

Akito def. Yukio Sakaguchi @ 9:36 via Knee Bar
Sakaguchi looked to out wrestle Akito on the mat in the beginning. Akito rolled to the outside, swept out the leg of an overzealous Sakaguchi and worked on the knee for the remainder of the match until picking up the win. This was one of my favorite matches of the tournament. The selling by Sakaguchi was very believable the entire way through the match. The win by Akito eliminates Sakaguchi from the possibility of winning D-King.

Joey Ryan def. Jiro Kuroshio @ 10:46 via Superkick
Total goofball match, as you’d expect from these two. Early on both stripped their jackets off and had the jackets wrestle one another. Yeah, it was that kind of match. All things considered it was one of the more entertaining Joey Ryan matches from the tournament. You have to atleast somewhat admire that he got putting a lollipop in his opponent’s mouth over. The loss eliminates Jiro’s chances of winning D-King.

Shuji Ishikawa def. Soma Takao @ 11:53 via Splash Mountain
Takao needed this win in order to stay alive in the tournament. He attacked Shuji before the bell and took him to the outside. His advantage wouldn’t last. Shuji slammed him onto the corner of the apron and proceeded to take over. Takao received a couple good hope spots but this was hardly in doubt once Shuji took over. I really enjoy watching matches where the smaller man must try to overcome at all costs. This was a fun match. With the win, both Takao and Mike Bailey have been eliminated.

HARASHIMA def. Masahiro Takanashi @ 11:42 via Somato
Takanashi was given the benefit of the doubt to start the match but once he had the chance to pull one over on HARASHIMA all bets were off. This was a dismantling by the of HARASHIMA with a few flash pin attempts by Takanashi as he tried to fight his way back. Pretty much exactly what I expected from following this tournament. Fine match but nothing special.

Kazusada Higuchi def. Mike Bailey @ 14:12 via Doctor Bomb
Real hard-hitting, spirited battle between these two. Bailey had been eliminated by the Ishikawa win earlier so this was all about pride for him. Higuchi needed a win to stay alive in the tournament. They both showed a lot of guts with the strikes they were taking from each other but they wound up going longer than they show have and lost momentum in the closing stretch.

Keisuke Ishii def. Tetsuya Endo @ 17:40 via Jumping Spin Kick
Endo had the opportunity of winning A block early by picking up the win on Ishii tonight. That didn’t happen as Ishii battled hard and with fighting spirit he was able to dig deep and withstand all of Endo’s attacks. This was another one that felt it just went a bit too long, missing its mark. Using pro wrestling logic the outcome was pretty easy to see coming. Endo had to lose tonight in order to make tomorrow have any meaning for the A block. Good match but it had a few key things working against it for me to really sink my teeth into everything they were doing.

Plenty of good matches on the show but for me it peaked at the first match. Akito and Sakaguchi had a really good match to open the night and nothing that followed got up to that level. More eliminations happened which leaves the A block down to four possible winners with one more night to go and three for the B block.

Recommended Matches
Akito vs Yukio Sakaguchi


A Block:
Tetsuya Endo (3-1-1) 7pts.
Keisuke Ishii (3-2-0) 6 pts.
HARASHIMA (3-2-0) 6pts.
Jiro Kuroshio (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Konosuke Takeshita (2-2-1) 5pts.
Joey Ryan (2-3-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED
Masahiro Takanashi (1-4-0) 2pts. ELIMINATED

B Block:
Shuji Ishikawa (4-1-0) 8pts.
Daisuke Sasaki (3-2-0) 6pts.
Kazusada Higuchi (3-2-0) 6pts.
Yukio Sakaguchi (2-3-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED
Mike Bailey (2-3-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED
Soma Takao (2-3-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED
Akito (2-4-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED

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