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DDT D-King Grand Prix 2018 Night 7 (1.14.18) Results & Review



The seventh night of the inaugural DDT D-King Grand Prix took place in Tokyo, Japan with 328 in attendance. This was the final night of the block portion of the tournament, the final match taking place January 28th. The winner of this round robin tournament will receive a shot at the top prize of DDT, KO-D Openweight Championship.

I will only be reviewing tournament matches, of which there were six. Here we go.

Soma Takao def. Yukio Sakaguchi @ 7:56 via Roll Up
Both men came into the night already eliminated so the match was purely for pride. Sakaguchi tried to keep Takao on the mat but the quickness of Takao gave him the advantage. Every time he managed to get off the mat, he’d get to his feet first and kick Sakaguchi ion the head. Takao tried multiple pin variations until one worked and he picked up the victory.

Joey Ryan def. Masahiro Takanashi @ 10:10 via Superkick
Another one where both guys were already eliminated going into the match. They got extremely goofy here. Takanashi flipped Joey with his nose just like how Joey uses his dick. The referee took the lollipop to the mouth and bumped from the spot. Very silly match.

Mike Bailey def. Daisuke Sasaki @ 14:54 via Roundhouse Kick
Although Bailey was already eliminated, Sasaki was not. He needed this win in order to stay alive in the tournament. He tried to pull all his tricks out but Bailey had a counter for each of them. Really fun match that ended both men’s tournament on a high.

Shuji Ishikawa def. Kazusada Higuchi @ 16:41 via Olympic Slam
HOSS FIGHT!!! The winner of this match would be the winner of B block so the stakes were high. Both these big dudes beat each other’s chests up with chops and lariats. It was what some people would call a hoot! They had headbutt exchanges which could turn you off depending on your stance but this really had the feeling of a war and it was a fitting conclusion to the block.

Konosuke Takeshita def. Keisuke Ishii @ 18:48 via Double Underhook Crossface
The loss here eliminated Ishii from the possibility of winning the block. These two had three or four amazing, lightning-fast sequences throughout the match. At no point did it feel like they went as long as they did, I thought the match flew by very quickly. Although Takeshita won he was mathematically eliminated the night before when HARASHIMA won.

HARASHIMA def. Tetsuya Endo @ 19:29 via Somato
This was for the A block, winner facing B block winner, Ishikawa on January 28th. Good closer to the block action of the tournament. Endo thought he had the win, went up top but missed and HARASHIMA made him pay with knees to the back of the head and followed up with Somato.

DDT finished strong, putting on what I think was overall their best show of the tournament. Four good matches worth checking out, the most of any night. Just like their match on the second night, Endo and Takeshita end up tied in the standings. HARASHIMA will face Shuji Ishikawa on January 28th at Korakuen Hall to see who will challenge Takeshita at Judgement 2018 in March for the KO-D Openweight Championship. This tournament was very solid from the beginning. There were loads of good matches and the points got interesting on the last couple of nights. This is something I can see DDT doing more of in the years to come.

Recommended Matches
Shuji Ishikawa vs Kazusada Higuchi
Konosuke Takeshita vs Keisuke Ishii
Mike Bailey vs Daisuke Sasaki
HARASHIMA vs Tetsuya Endo


A Block:
HARASHIMA (4-2-0) 8pts. WINNER
Konosuke Takeshita (3-2-1) 7pts. ELIMINATED
Tetsuya Endo (3-2-1) 7pts. ELIMINATED
Keisuke Ishii (3-3-0) 6 pts. ELIMINATED
Jiro Kuroshio (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Joey Ryan (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Masahiro Takanashi (1-5-0) 2pts. ELIMINATED

B Block:
Shuji Ishikawa (5-1-0) 10pts. WINNER
Daisuke Sasaki (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Kazusada Higuchi (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Mike Bailey (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Soma Takao (3-3-0) 6pts. ELIMINATED
Yukio Sakaguchi (2-4-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED
Akito (2-4-0) 4pts. ELIMINATED

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