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ECW’s Pitbull #1 talks putting Francine through a table, Ric Flair & more



Unsanctioned’s Luis Vasquez, Jae Holland, and Julio Jeune recently spoke with former ECW television and tag-team champion, Gary “Pitbull #1” Wolfe of “The Pitbulls.” In the interview, he discusses deals with WWE and WCW that never went forward, being told to stop using the superbomb when the Dudley’s went to WWE, breaking in new tag-team talent and his role in ECW, his thoughts on the product today, and much more. You can check out the full interview in the video above. Below are some of the highlights:

On putting Francine through a table:

“We were the first tag-team ever to put a woman through a table. Francine was that girl. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ll go out on a limb and tell you, that night she was crying her f**king eyes out because she was f**king terrified. Everybody was scared of the superbomb. Especially going through a f**king table on it? And she’s a girl? So it was like, you’re going to turn on us, and this is what’s gonna happen to you, and this is what’s going to make you a hardcore f**king icon that you were in ECW. After she did that, the whole place changed. She’s hardcore.”

On walking away from a WWE deal in the 90’s:

They had a great idea. I’m not gonna lie, it was awesome. I’m talking helicopters. They had us set up for WrestleMania and we were going in against the Hart Foundation. But our style, which they liked, was… we were like the British Bulldogs but a little bit more extreme, because we were going to Japan with Dynamite Kid and Owen Hart, you know, all these guys, Jericho, Lance Storm, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero. That was our clique. Bam Bam Bigelow, Vader, The Samoans, Killer Bees. That’s who we hung with. So our generation, The Pitbulls, people always say, especially the older guys, we were 20 years or 10 years too late. We should have come in 10 years earlier, or something like that. We were before our time, because it was still the 80’s guys in there back in the day, Cowboy Bob Orton, Ricky Steamboat, Flair, Demolition, The British Bulldogs, Akeem and the Bossman. See, we got to work with all those guys. I mean I worked with the Guerrero brothers in front of 55,000 people in New Zealand. I’ve wrestled Eddie’s dad and Rey Mysterio’s dad. That’s the experience that we got. Cowboy Bob Orton, he loved us man. He f**king loved the gimmick, he always asked, “how those guys doing?” But, they were going to set the belts on us. So that’s how I know where they were going. We were going to be before Demolition, put it that way. We were asked before The Nasty Boys. Honestly, I think we said no because we signed with New Japan, so I think The Nasty Boys went because they were still in North Carolina.”

How Paul Heyman ran ECW:

“He always came to the arena and sat at the table and didn’t know what the f**k he was going to do that night. And I would walk up to the table and be like, alright what are we doing? He’d say I don’t know, come back in five minutes. And I’d look like eight, nine, times in one night, man.”

Sting beating him to the “crow” gimmick:

“When I broke my neck and I was coming back, I was going to come back as the crow. I was going to do that gimmick. Bruce Lee’s son gimmick. F**king Sting grabbed it right before me. He didn’t know I was going to use it, I had no idea he was going to use it. I was just thinking about it and it made sense, but Raven was already there and it was like Raven brought back the dead, and that was going to be my gimmick when I came back, and Sting grabbed it. And I can’t compete against WCW.”

His where his relationship with WWE should be today:

“I’m going to bring this to your attention and to anybody else who’s listening. Guys like Scorpio, guys like me, you know, why are we not at the Performance Center right now training guys. Tell me why that is not happening. Why am I not an agent? I know what’s wrong, what’s not wrong. I know what’s right, what’s not right. I’m not stupid. I know how to go through a match, I know how much time you have to have. I mean, it’s a business, you understand? Why is it that he has to give an application and they don’t even acknowledge it. Why is it that I don’t get a call?”

His relationship with Ric Flair outside of the ring and a robe story:

“We would try to get in there with them (NWA), so we would meet Flair and see Flair in the gym every f**king morning, and he’d be on a stairmaster doing the highest possible level for one f**king hour, besides lifting weights. And we were young, so we would do 45-minute workouts, and we were working out with Tatanka, who was called Chris Chavis at the time, and Shamrock who was called Vince Torelli at the time. So we would all go work out at the gym, and then we would all go back to the hotel or condo where we would stay… and more work… and we would end up coming back to Charlotte and go out to clubs because we would be back by 11 o’clock at night, maybe 11:30, and we would see all the NWA guys, especially the Midnight Express, all them guys. We would run into Flair all the time, brother. And he loved me and my partner Anthony, I mean, he loved us. We love him. He’s a great guy. I’m talking, I met him when he had that mansion in Charlotte, he was living there, and his kids were babies. But he lived the gimmick man. And I remember he used to say to us we’d be styling and profiling, and I always remember that because WCW called us one time to do some work in Atlantic City and we pulled up and he says, “You motherf**king pitbulls. Never f**king change, and I love it.”

Here’s a story about Ric Flair. Any time we would meet him at a club, he’d be partying his ass off, buying everybody drinks. Next thing you know, Ric disappears. What does he do, he goes down outside, opens up his trunk, takes all of his clothes off, he puts one of them twenty-five-thousand, fifty-five-thousand dollar robes on, walks in the club butt-ass naked, doing the gimmick, “Woo!” and keeps buying everybody drinks. If a girl liked him, he’d flash her. Dude, it was fucking awesome, man. See that’s when wrestlers were real wrestlers. Nowadays, these kids get in the ring, they do what they gotta do, they go back to their hotel, and they play f**king video games.”

The Unsanctioned Podcast is hosted by Luis Vasquez (@LuisVasquez617), Jae Holland (@JayoCity), and Julio Jeune. Email to get in touch. Twitter: @UnsanctionedPW

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