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EVOLVE 103: Riddle vs Sekimoto Preview



Coming off a great show yesterday, EVOLVE returns tonight with a series of singles matches between EVOLVE regulars and international stars. The top of the card looks much less story-heavy than yesterday, instead concentrating on dream match-like scenarios. Lower on the card, Dabry Allin is continuing his death wish by challenging WALTER. Also, the WWN Champion, Keith Lee, and FIP Champion, Austin Theory, are facing off in a title versus title match. You can order the show through FITE TV or Club WWN.

Start Time: 2pm PDT/5pm EDT/10pm GMT

EVOLVE vs The World Match #1
Matt Riddle vs Daisuke Sekimoto

The newly crowned EVOLVE Champion heads into this non-title, international match against Sekimoto. I hesitate to call it a dream match because I’m not sure who ever dreamed this but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great match. Of course it’ll be great, both of these guys absolutely rule. Nothing is at stake except their pride. Neither man wants to take a loss, especially Sekimoto after losing yesterday. Riddle will want to further his point as the top guy of EVOLVE, coming off his statement win over Zack Sabre Jr.

EVOLVE vs The World Match #2
Chris Dickinson vs Travis Banks

Another EVOLVE regular, Dickinson, taking on an international star in Travis Banks. If there is a rivalry here, I’m not aware of it but nonetheless this will be another great match. Both guys are known for their strong striking abilities and insane aggression inside the ring. I look forward to watching these two take each other to the limit.

EVOLVE vs The World Match #3
Jaka vs Munenori Sawa

Yesterday Sawa proved to everyone that he still has a lot in the tank. He looked inspired facing off against WALTER and Thatcher. If he brings that same fire tonight, we’re in for another great match. Jaka is one of the more reliable midcard wrestlers in EVOLVE. He has a tendency to step up big when called upon and in a spotlight match such as this, he should come in extra motivated.

EVOLVE vs The World Match #4
Darby Allin vs WALTER

He’s asked for WALTER and WALTER has come. Darby Allin has a death wish. Coming off a brutal loss to Keith Lee yesterday, now Darby wants a shot at WALTER. The smallest man on the roster challenged the two biggest and strongest EVOLVE has to offer. I expect Darby to have another spirited battle but he’s in over his head. No one doubts Darby’s abilities but the men he challenges are just beyond his level. If this is anywhere near as fun as Darby’s match against Keith Lee yesterday, we’re in for a treat.

Champion vs Champion
WWN Champion Keith Lee vs FIP Champion Austin Theory

Straight off an embarrassing loss to DJZ, FIP Champion, Austin Theory, is looking to rebound quickly. He challenged WWN Champion, Keith Lee, to a title versus title match. Theory has stated his goal is WWE and he plans on using WWN as a stepping stone. Keith Lee has been incapable of having a bad match for what has been over a year. His charisma is off the charts and is always a joy to watch. It’ll be interesting seeing their dynamic because Theory is best as a bully and no one bullies Keith Lee so Theory better watch out.

Four Way Freestyle
AR Fox vs DJZ vs Jason Kincaid vs Tracy Williams

Each of these men can use a win to gain some momentum moving forward. DJZ picked up a big win over Theory yesterday so he’ll be looking to continue his winning streak. Tracy Williams has been trending downwards thanks to some ill-advised moments from Hathaway. Kincaid has shaved his head as a sign of starting over and finding him as a wrestler. Lastly, there is AR Fox. What is Fox doing? I’m not sure he even knows. Look for some more progression in the story between Williams and Hathaway. Other than that I’m not sure what else will be significant here.

Special Challenge Match
Timothy Thatcher vs Dominic Garrini

Maybe it’s harsh to say but Garrini has had some rough outings so far in EVOLVE. He’s yet to have a good, complete match. Thatcher will try to work with Garrini’s strengths but unfortunately right now the bar is low for Garrini. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

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