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Evolve 105 ‘The Final War’ event results and thoughts



Evolve Wrestling made their third visit to The Monaghan Knights of Columbus Hall in lovely Livonia, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, this past weekend and it was easily their most successful yet.

This was definitely a super hot crowd; the fans Evolve retained from the prior shows helped lead the newer fans with constant chants throughout the night thanks to a superb show that focused on the future of Evolve taking on the present. And while the present would emerge victorious by all accounts — the future certainly shined bright.

Here are your results from the show with some thoughts and observations attached.

Tag Team Match
N8 Mattson and Orlando Christopher defeat The End (Drennan and Parrow) w/ Odinson via DQ

– The local talent went over here to get things started with a bang. This immediately transitioned into Tracy Williams versus Odinson in singles action.

Singles Match
Tracy Williams defeats Odinson w/ Drennan and Parrow via submission

– Williams and Odinson kept the momentum going here with a match that saw the “Asgardian” force ‘Hot Sauce’ to feel his power early before eventually succumbing to a slick crossface finisher out of a F-10.

Singles Match
AR Fox w/ The Skulk defeats Myron Reed via pinfall

– While I wasn’t really buying the Skulk as Fox’s crew when watching them on PPV during previous shows, they got me to buy in live. They were so good when it came to interacting with the crowd — super witty, charming and engaging — that they earned the respect of the same fans that seemed to want to go against them at first in a major way. As far as the match itself — this was the best one of the night. As I said in the open, the future is bright with guys like Reed, Wentz and Miguel now on board. Fox getting the victory was of course the right move but there were no losers in this match.

FRAY Match
Josh Briggs defeats Dominic Garrini, AC Mack, Bu Ku Dao, J. Spade, Jonny Flex, Matt Delray and Snoop Strikes (Briggs eliminated Garrini last via pinfall)

– Evolve appears to be very high on Briggs. Expect him to be their go to big man for the immediate future. I dig the way they’re bringing him up here.

Singles Match
DJ Z defeats Zachary Wentz via pinfall

– I can’t lie to you guys — word got out that Progress tickets were going on sale in the lobby for a future visit to the venue during this match. This caused me to miss it, live. I would watch it later of course (you can as well by signing up to Club WWN or on FITE TV) to see both men take out our empty seats during a killer spot. Knowing that this spot wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t leave to get in line for tickets makes me happy to know we could contribute to this beautiful piece of history in some way. In all seriousness, giving the fans a moment to cool down after Fox and Reed with a little FRAY action worked well because these two tore the house right back down. DJ Z got the win with a brutal ZDT that put Wentz’s face right through the canvas. Wentz definitely has the look and the skillset to be a future top guy for Evolve.

Singles Match
Shane Strickland defeats Darby Allin via submission

– Strickland continued his heel antics here against a wrestler in Allin who is just a couple of matches deep into a return from concussion issues. Strickland cut a promo about how he damaged the arm of Matt Riddle the previous night and plans to continue to destroy everyone at WWN due to them not signing him a few years back. Strickland would work over Allin’s arm throughout before submitting him after nearly snapping it in half. Great showing from Allin as always against a more conservative Strickland, as he should be, in his new heel role for Evolve.

– After the match, SHINE NOVA Champion Candy Cartwright would grace us with her presence to remind Allin that Jarek120 is coming.

Singles Match (Non-Title)
WWN Champion Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly defeats Trey Miguel via pinfall

– Theory got the victory here before AR Fox and The Skulk, the new fan favorites in Livonia, made their way to the ring. Fox made it clear that he wasn’t impressed with his former trainee here. Theory would later come out before the main event to throw down a challenge to Fox for the title when Evolve comes back to the same building in the Detroit area on August 12th to kick off a doubleheader with Progress. There was also a pull apart here between Fox’s wife and Priscilla Kelly.

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match
Catch Point (c) (Chris Dickinson and Jaka) w/ Dominic Garrini and Stokely Hathaway defeat The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry and James Drake) via pinfall

– Great tag team action as expected anytime Catch Point hits the ring. James Drake was super over with the crowd here in a match that had a ton of well timed near falls. Dickinson and Jaka hit the Death Trap for the win after a couple of missed opportunities to retain their titles. Oh ya, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how badass Garrini looks in his enforcer role for Catch Point — he’s pro wrestling’s version of Joe Bernthal’s Punisher.

EVOLVE Championship Match
Matt Riddle (c) defeats Keith Lee via pinfall

– Lots of emotion here for Keith Lee’s final match with Evolve. This one was billed as the “Final War” with each man having a victory a piece against one another under the Evolve banner. It took a knee to the back of the head for Riddle to retain his title in a match that had a big match feel from the walkouts to the final bell. Both men delivered and then some with Riddle putting over Lee huge on the mic (while the crowd chanted “NXT”) after the match. Lee would give a heartfelt going away speech that really hit us right in the feels before leaving the Evolve ring for the final time. It was just one of those pro wrestling moments that I feel like everyone in attendance will always remember.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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