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Evolve 90 Results: Riddle vs. Rush, Walter defends Atlas Championship against Yehi



Ethan Page & ACH vs. Chris Dickinson & Jaka

ACH and Page enter the ring once again showing off their new “Screw Evolve” signature look of t-shirts and shorts referring to themselves as the Troll Boys.

Ethan Page takes the mic and claims he will be doing commentary for the mic. Page and ACH play hard to the crowd.
Eventually Jaka and Dickinson have enough and take out Page and ACH to start things off.

They work ACH over the corner. Jaka takes the shirt off ACH and chokes him with it. Dickinson takes in and does some ground work on ACH.

After a few minutes, ACH takes control and hits a double stomp on Jaka and tags in Page. Jaka misses a big swing kick allowing Page to hit a clothesline. After a 2 count, Page hits a spine buster. He then attempts a Rock Bottom, but misses.

Jaka gets to the corner and tags in Dickinson. A big kick to the chest of Page sends him to the corner to tagging in ACH. Dickinson and ACH trade a few strong style chops, while ACH complains that Dickinson isn’t selling enough. He distracts Dickinson and hits a low blow on Dickinson.

After a few more minutes of work, Dickinson hits a huge kick to the back and a knee drop to Page for a 2 count. Page attempts a comeback and gets a few blow in followed by a big boot.

After more back and forth, ACH does his versions of the Dusty Rhodes’ punches, but his caught by a big right from Jaka. Dickinson and Jaka both hit separate spin heel kicks on ACH and then hit a chop block for a close 2 count.

Jaka sends ACH to the corner and he joking jumps in and out of the ring then misses a top rope stunner after calling his move out loud.

Jaka and Dickinson attempt a Death Trap , but Ego pushes Jaka out of the ring and hit a RKEgo on Dickinson followed by a brainbuster suplex by ACH for the victory.

Winner: “The Troll Boys” ACH and Ethan Page

Craig Mitchell vs. Darby Allin

Darby cuts a promo on Thatcher before the match , but feed cut out for 4 or 5 minutes and resumed after the match began. Craig Mitchell hits a standing back flip on Darby, but Allin gets up and hits the ropes, however Mitchell catches him for a German suplex. He muscles Darby onto his shoulders and hits a Falcon Arrow for a 2 count. They trade open hand strikes and Darby quickly hits a Code Red and a roll up for the victory.

Winner: Darby Allin

Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly vs. Jason Kincaid

In a rematch, showcasing Theory as a heel, they start with a lock up. Kincaid takes advantage, but goes to the meditating pose. Theory slaps Kincaid, but Kincaid turns the other cheek and Theory slaps him again. In typical rolling Kincaid fashion he lands a great arm drag then missing a double stomp. Theory goes for a standing moonsault, but Kincaid pulls him down and gets in the standing moonsault.

Kincaid seems a step ahead of Theory the entire first half of this match. From the apron, Kincaid comes off the rope and attempts a DDT, but is caught by Theory. After several counters, Theory hits a big backbreaker.

Theory slows the match down with a headlock center ring, but Kincaid works out of it and hits a European uppercut, but Theory grabs him with a gut wrench then a release suplex. Theory comes in with some big punches to Kincaid on the match. Kincaid struggles to get back into the match. Theory goes for several pins only for a one count.

After some frustration, he gets hit with a clothesline from Kincaid. Theory spits in Kincaid face and then mouth. Kincaid blocks his strikes and hits an armdrag followed by two double stomps. Scoop powerslam by Kincaid into another double stomp. A neckbreaker from the rope gets Kincaid a close 2 count.

Both men work to their feet. Kincaid comes at Theory but Austin hits a running blockbuster getting a 2 count.

Kincaid comes off the ropes with a springboard faceplant for a very close two count.

Kincaid goes back to the top ring post and misses a double stomp. Theory kicks to the midsection followed by a Mischinoku Driver.

After a close 2 count they work to the outside and Kincaid hits a stunner on the outside. He rolls theory to the inside and gets on top of the ring post, but Priscilla Kelly starts screaming frantically distracting Kincaid. He attempts the bloody Murder, but is caught by Theory and slams him to the mat for his finisher for the victory.

After the match Kincaid tries to make peace with Theory, but Kelly pulls him away.

Winner: Austin Theory

Tracy Williams & Rory Gulak (with Jaka and Dickinson) vs. Anthony Henry & James Drake – Tag Team Championship Match

Henry and Gulak start things off , with a lot of mat work from Rory. Henry struggles to try to bring this match back into his style, but cannot over take Gulak. Gulak starts playing to the crowd and Henry finally sees his chance to take advantage. After a few pump kicks, he tags in James Drake. Gulak attempts a few chops on Drake, but it doesn’t phase him. Drake comes back with several chops of his owns and literally tosses Gulak across the ring allowing him to tag in Tracy Williams.

Williams starts working the shoulder and arm of Drake, but Drake comes back with a side headlock. Williams breaks free and then counter back and forth with headlocks. Drake gets a big right hand on Williams. Drake works the wrist of Tracy, but Williams his a big stike. They then trade big chops back and forth.

A few minutes later Drake and Henry are in the ring , Henry hits a big powerslam on Gulak then tags in Henry and powerslams Henry on top of Gulak for a close 2 count. Drake back in, hits a suplex and takes in Henry for they hit a double team clothesline. Then Drake puts Gulak in a neck breaker while Henry drop kicks him.

Finally Gulak hits a backbreaker on Henry and tags in Williams. Williams worked the best and chest of Henry with chops and kicks. A knee drop to the back of the head of Henry. Henry fights back, but a back drop from Williams. He lands an elbow across the throat of Henry and takes in Gulak. He hits a scoop slam and spring-board splash for a two count. He works the arm of Henry and hits some arm drags. He takes Henry to the corner and tags in Williams.

Williams starts working the left knee of Henry. Front face lock by Williams but Henry escapes and gets a knee to the stomach of Williams. He attempts to get to tag Drake, but Williams puts Henry in the ankle lock. Henry finally escapes. Williams charges, but Henry hits a quick powerslam. Both men tag out.

Drake and Gulak in the ring now. Big boot from Drake and an exploder suplex for a close 2 count. Drake attempts a spring-board back drop but Gulak catches him for a German suplex and a 2 count. Williams and Henry tag in, Henry attempts a superplex, but Williams knocks him off and hits a missile drop kick and a brain buster.

After a few minutes of both and forth. Henry takes to the top rope and misses a double stomp on Gulak . Gulak strikes Drake and Henry throws Henry into the rope , but Anthony hits an enziguri. Drake works over Gulak in the corner and hits a big DDT for a 2 count.

Anthony Henry hits the TEK and Drake pins Gulak for the victory.

After the match, Catch Point attacks Rory Gulak

Winners: The Workhorsemen

Tim Thatcher w/ Stokely Hathaway vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee charges and takes down Thatcher to start things off. They face off center ring and trade stiff elbows to one another. They go hard at it with elbows and strikes for a few minutes. Lee hits a giant scoop slam followed by an elbow for a 2 count.

Thatcher comes back and pulls Lee into the corner and starts working the chest and thigh. Thatcher attempts a belly to belly, but Lee blocks and tosses Thatcher aside.

Lee comes back with chops. Leap frog by Lee, but that hits an inside uppercut. He pulls Lee to the apron and slams the sternum of Lee into it. Thatcher goes for a knee bar. After some struggle, Lee finally makes it to the ropes.

Tim comes with knee strikes to the back of Lee and stomps to the left knee of Keith Lee. Thatcher locks in a sleeper on Lee, but Lee raises to his feet with Thatcher on his back. Thatcher released the hold and hits 3 short clotheslines followed by several elbows. They both charge the ropes and Lee hits a pounce on Thatcher. Thatcher fights back and hits a belly to belly for a 2 count. Thatcher attempts to lock in the arm bar, but Keith Lee pulls out , picks up Thatcher and hits a side suplex for a 2 count.

Thatcher rises up and hits an enziguri then a sleeper hold. Lee grabs the arm of Thatcher and breaks free. They trade stiff chops again. Double headbutt, Lee musters the strength to hit a big elbow to a staggering Thatcher and gets the pinfall.

Darby Allin comes out after the match and checks on Thatcher to make sure he’s okay for their match tomorrow.
He helps Thatcher to his feet with the referees. Thatcher then realizes Darby is helping him and snaps. He takes out Allin and locks him in the armbar.

Winner: Keith Lee

Walter vs. Fred Yehi – Progress Atlas Championship Match

In Walter’s first title defense, Walter looks like a monster in comparison to Yehi. Walter works the wrist of Yehi and hits a hip toss. They continue trying to the feel each other, Yehi attempts a belly to back, but can’t lift Walter.

Yehi locks in the side headlock, but Walter throws him into the ropes and takes him out with a shoulder tackle.
Yehi comes back and attempts to trade chops, but Walter takes out Yehi with one chop then hits a scoop slam, but misses an elbow. Yehi stomps the knee and hits a missile drop kick to the head of Walter. Yehi blocks a chop by Walter then hits a few of his own and starts stomping the feet and working the elbows of Walter. Walter to the mat, Yehi trades stomps to each of the hands of Walter.

Back up, Walter hits several chops to Yehi in the corner. Yehi fights back, but is destroyed with a big boot and rolls to the outside. Outside the ring, Walter works the body of Yehi even more. After a back suplex to the apron from Walter, they roll back in the ring.

They trade big strikes, but Walter is too much for Yehi again. He picks up Yehi for a gut wrench suplex. They trade slaps, but Walter hits a big forearm and a splash for a long 2 count.

Yehi fights back and hits the bicycle up kicks on Walter. But Walter grabs him from behind and hits a German suplex followed by a butterfly suplex for another 2 count.

Walter misses a big boot in the corner and Yehi attempts another belly to back but can’t lift Walter. Walter attempts a powerbomb. Yehi counters and hits two double stomps across the back of Walter. Yehi attempts another German suplex and hits it with a bridging pin for a very close 2 count.

The crowd chants them back to their feet.

Yehi works the shoulder of Walter and attempts a rolling elbow, but Walter kicks out his legs and hits a powerbomb for a big 2 count. Walter locks in the sleeper on Yehi. Yehi struggles to escapes and gets Walter into the corner and sits Walter onto the top rope. Yehi hit bicycle upkicks with Walter on the rope. Yehi hits a superplex with a 2 count! Koji Clutch and attempts a pin, but Walter counters and hits a powerbomb. Walter hits a big boot, german suplex and a clothesline for another 2 count!

Walter locks in the choke sleeper in the center of the ring and the ref calls the match.

Winner: Walter

Matt Riddle vs. Lio Rush – Non Title Match

Riddle attempts a spinning kick to start the match of and misses. Diving attempts to take down Rush by the feet but is unsuccessful. Riddle locks in and armbar but Rush attempts the pin. Leapfrog by Rush and a running kick by Rush for a 1 count.

Riddle comes back with a series of forearms into the corner. Attempts another running forearm but misses, Rushes rolls under and attempts a kick. Riddle grabs his leg and secures an ankle lock. Rush quickly gets to the rope though.

Riddle comes back with running forearms in the corner again followed by an exploder suplex. Senton by Riddle for a 2 count. Gut wrench suplex by Riddle, he hangs on and hits another gut wrench on Rush. Attempts another pin for 2.

Riddle works the wrist , but Rush hits a cartwheel kick. Rush attempts a running kick but Riddle catches him and hits a bro to sleep followed by a German for a close 2 count.

Riddle works the back of Riddle. Riddle attempts the tombstone , but Rush escapes. Riddle runs after Rush, but Rush hits a leapfrog and Riddle goes to the outside. He runs back in and takes down Riddle for a two.

After a series of counters, Riddle hits 2 fisherman buster and gets a 2 count. Riddle picks Rush for the tombstone and hits it. Rush kicks out at 1. Rush hits a bicycle kick and hits a spinning neck breaker for a very close 2 count.

Both men work to their feet and trade strikes. Riddle catches Rush and hits a jumping tombstone followed by huge elbows and the Bromission. Rush taps out.

Winner: Matt Riddle

After the match, out comes Walter. He and Riddle stare each other down, but out comes Catch Point and they take out Riddle. Finally, Walter attempts to take out Catch Point, but the numbers game gets the best of him. Out comes Riddle and knocks Catch Point out of the ring. Williams and Riddle go at it outside the ring leaving Lee and Walter in the ring.

They stare one another down. Keith Lee asks for a microphone. He welcomes Walter to Evolve, but says that he needs to understand that he is the king of the business. He’s standing in Keith Lee’s ring. He says he does respect Walter so he will leave him in the ring for tonight letting him save himself for tomorrow’s match.

Walter extends his hand and they shake hands to end the show.

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