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Evolve 91 Results: Matt Riddle defends his WWN Championship in a Fatal 4-Way



Evolve 91

Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities
Corona, New York

ACH vs Ethan Page

Page and ACH come out together as the “Troll Boys” apparently not realizing that they are having to wrestle one another. Both guys start the match off trying to sell ACH’s shirt off to the fans. ACH is almost counted out by taking pictures with fans.

They start with a collar and elbow tie up where ACH transitions into a headlock. ACH attempts multiple half-hearted shoulder tackles into Ego which turns into them working the spot back and forth.

Page attempts multiple kip ups, but can’t make it to his feet. Eventually ACH helps him up, after a couple of minutes of dicking around. ACH hits a springboard stunner.

Ego comes back with a People’s Elbow for a 2 count. They then continue trolling typical wrestling set ups and then both fall to the mat.

I truly can’t call this match anymore. This is a joke and is the third time we are seeing it. You know what happens, they make a mockery of stereotypical wrestling situations and waste the show’s time for 15 minutes.

Ethan Page gets the pin after pointing in ACH’s direction and him falling down.

Winner: Ethan Page

Grudge Match
Darby Allin vs Timothy Thatcher w/ Stokely Hathaway

Allin hits a Tope Conhiro on Hathaway to start things off. Thatcher checks on Hathaway and tries to get in the ring, but Darby continually hits missile dropkicks not allowing him back inside.

After eventually getting into the ring, Allin hits a springboard arm drag taking Thatcher to the outside. Darby makes his way to the top and hits a Coffin drop to the outside on Thatcher.

Allin slaps Thatcher around on the outside for a few moments, but Thatcher comes back with some uppercuts. Thatcher picks up Allin and body slams him on the outside.

Back inside the ring, Thatcher works over the left arm on Allin. He then locks in a headlock. Allin almost struggles out but Thatcher transitions into a sleeper. Allin escapes with a cutter. He goes to the rope and hits a coffin drop, but Thatcher turns it back into a sleeper. Allin makes it to the rope and attempts an Okada roll, but that reverses into an arm bar. Darby somehow makes it to the ropes. Allin goes to the top rope, but Thatcher catches him and works the back of the neck with punches.

Stokely throws a chair into the ring and insists on Thatcher using it. Thatcher grabs the chair, but Darby hits a Coffin Drop. Allin comes back with slaps and a dropkick. Allin hits the Code Red for a close 2 count. Darby then puts in the Gibson lock and secures the 3 count!

Winner: Darby Allin

After the match, Walter comes out and watches as Stokely and Thatcher stare one another down in the ring. Finally, Thatcher and Hathaway hug , but Thatcher leaves the ring and walks out with Walter.

Evolve Tag Team Championship Match
Anthony Henry & James Drake vs Fred Yehi & Jason Kincaid

Match starts out fast and The Work Horsemen come out hard on Kincaid. Plenty of punches and stiff kicks from Henry, but Kincaid finally catches him and hits an inverted neckbreaker.

Kincaid attempts a springboard Hurricanrana , but Henry catches him and hits a big bucklebomb. After running to the ropes, Kincaid catches Henry and hits a cartwheel powerslam into a double stomp. he gets to the corner and tags in Yehi.

Yehi and Henry exchange forearms. Finally, check stomps the toes of Henry and knocks Henry down with a chop. Huge double stomp to the back of Henry and a dropkick to the head.

Yehi attempts the pin, but gets a two count. He works Henry to the corner and tags in Kincaid. Double stomp by Kincaid! Drake runs in and clotheslines Kincaid and Yehi, drags Henry to the corner and tags himself in. Yehi tries to catch up Henry’s feet on the apron, but Henry comes with a running kick to Yehi.

Big forearms from Drake, but eventually is double teamed by Yehi and Kincaid with a chop kick and a missile dropkick. Yehi takes Drake into the corner for two chops, but they don’t affect Drake and he works back and hits some big punches and a clothesline to Yehi. Drake tosses Yehi off his shoulders for a death valley driver into a powerbomb by Henry. Henry attempts a northern lights but Yehi counters and hits 2 Germans then tags in Kincaid.
Kincaid hits a springboard arm drag and then a double stomp on Henry.

Henry comes back and sweeps the legs of Kincaid and knocks him to the outside of the ring. Henry comes with a suicide dive, but Kincaid catches him and hits a stunner. Back into the ring, Drake hits a tope suicida onto everyone.

Henry rolls Kincaid in and gets the top rope, but Kincaid catches him and attempts a superplex. Henry counters, but Kincaid hits a sunset flip off the top rope to the outside.

He rolls Henry back in and goes for the double stomp from the top ring post for a 2 count.

After a couple of minutes Henry hits a big spinning kick to the head of a Kincaid. Then a springboard rock-bottom.
He goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp. He then tags in Drake and James Drake hits a moonsault onto Kincaid for the victory.

Winners: The Work Horsemen, James Drake and Anthony Henry

Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly vs. Mark Haskins

Haskins makes quick work of theory by attempting a cross face but Theory escapes. They work the ropes and Theory attempts a sunset flip, but Haskins counters into a missile dropkick. Theory comes from the ropes but is dropkicked to the outside.

Haskins suicide dives out on Theory and works him on the outside for a moment before rolling him back in. Haskins hits a double stomp for a 2 count.

Haskins starts working the arm and left wrist of Theory then comes with some big kicks to the back. Theory catches a knee strike and throws Haskins to the mat and hits a stomp and then a brainbuster for a 2 count.

Theory then comes with a clothesline and gets another 2 count. Austin comes with some punches and works down Haskins. He attempts a pin and gets a 2 count and argues with the ref. Theory comes back with big left and rights and puts Haskins in a rear chin lock. After a lot of struggle, Haskins makes it to the ropes. Theory comes back with a front chin lock and several big knees to the stomach of Haskins. Finally, Haskins tries to work his way out, but Theory drops him with a big left hand. After a series of elbows, Haskins comes back with a few of his own and they exchange back and forth. Theory wobbles to the corner and Haskins hits a pair of elbows. Theory comes back and misses a standing moonsault and Haskins locks in an arm bar, but Theory gets to the ropes.

Theory hits a shoulder block into a somersault. Haskins comes back and hits a big slam for a 2 count. After a somersault attempt, Haskins locks in a crossface armbreaker!! Somehow Theory gets his feet on the ropes.

Theory catches Haskins for a torture rack bomb for a two count. Theory hits a buckle bomb and looks for a brain buster, but Haskins counters. Theory catches him again and hits a half nelson into a back breaker then a standing moonsault for a very close 2 count.

An angered Theory works Haskins in the counter with a series of boots and elbows to the back of the head. The ref pulls Theory off and Priscilla Kelly attacks Haskins. Theory grabs Haskins and hits a Michinoku driver for a very close 2 count.

On the apron, Theory attempts another mischnoku driver, but Haskins counters into a Death Valley Driver.

Haskins tries to carry Theory in the ring but Kelly is on the apron. She attempts a springboard on Haskins but misses. Haskins takes advantage and throws Theory in the ring and locks Theory in the sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Winner: Mark Haskins

2017 WWN Supershow Rematch
Jaka & Dickinson vs South Pacific Powertrip ( Travis Banks & TK Cooper)

**** My feed completely went out for the majority of this match. ****

Winners: Jaka & Dickinson with the Death Trap

Fatal 4 Way for the WWN Championship
Matt Riddle ( c ) vs WALTER vs Keith Lee vs Tracy Williams

Lee and WALTER face off in the center of the ring but Riddle and Williams take a man each. They work into the corner. Riddle gets in a few kicks on Lee, but Lee catches him and tosses him across the ring. Walter and Lee face off again. Riddle and Williams separate them again. Williams comes off the top rope onto Lee and works in some knees, but Walter hits him with a series of chops. Finally Williams and Riddle ironically works together kicking and stomping Walter in the corner. They then team up on Lee with forearms and kicks.

They finally get Lee to the outside. Riddle and Williams stare one another down center ring and then exchange forearms. Riddle gets a hip toss in and lands a few kicks to Williams’ back. Williams fight back and get an ankle lock in. Walter breaks it up and hits them both with a powerslam.

Lee makes his way back and we get Lee and Walter staring one another down again in the ring.

Walter kicks Lee in the stomach and attempts a shoulder tackle but they both stand tall. They both go the rope to attack one another but get caught by Riddle and Williams. They fight them off and Walter locks in a sleeper into a german suplex on Lee. Lee stands back up and hits a suplex of his own, but Walter’s back up and the crowd’s going insane.

They end up double clotheslining each other.

Riddle and Williams make their way back in and go back at one another with a series of forearms.

Riddle finally takes advantage and comes at Williams with several running elbows into the corner. On the last one, Williams counters with a double kick. Riddle lifts Williams to the top rope.

He attempts a superplex, but Williams counters into a DDT onto the turnbuckle. He then hits a suplex for a 2 count. Back up, Riddle hits a fisherman buster onto Williams and everyone is down.

Everyone comes into the ring and Riddle hits a triangle choke on Walter. Williams locks in a cross face on Lee at the same time. Walter powers Riddle up and powerbomb Riddle onto Lee and Williams to break both submissions. All 4 men struggle to their feet.

They all trade forearms and chops with one another. Finally Lee hits a pump kick on Williams and a chop from Riddle and Walter take him down. Now it’s the 3 remaining men standing trading chops.

Riddle takes advantage for a moment with knee strikes on both men , but Walter hits a big boot then a german but Riddle lands on his feet. Walter tries another german but Lee gets behind Walter and Germans both men at the same time! Incredible spot!!! Williams hits a brainbuster on Riddle for a close 2 count! Lee comes back and hits a huge slam on Williams and then a gigantic pounce!

That leaves Lee and Walter in the ring. Walter locks in the sleeper on Lee center ring. Riddle makes his way to the top rope and hits a super senton off the top rope to break it up!

Williams rushes in and puts Riddle in the crossface, but Walter breaks it up and attempts a powerbomb on Riddle, but he counters. Elbows to the back of the next on Walter from Riddle but Lee breaks it up. Riddle gets on the back of Lee and hits a series of elbow strikes on Riddle.

Williams comes in the ring and breaks it up and hits a piledriver on Riddle for the closest 2 count you can imagine, Williams locks in the crossface, but Riddle rolls through and locks in the Bromission and submits Williams.
Holy sh*t, what a match!

Winner: Matt Riddle

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