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Evolve 92 & 93 Results; Thoughts on FloSlam vs. WWN



WWN Live brought Evolve back to Livonia, Michigan this past Friday night and FightBoothPW was in attendance for what turned out to be another great success for the promotion. Here are some thoughts on that show and some thoughts on the recent divorce between FloSlam and WWNLive. If you’re looking for quick results and highlights for Evolve 92 and last night’s Evolve 93 show, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Evolve 92 Quick Recap

New Evolve Tag Team Champs were crowned when the Troll Boyz defeated the team of Anthony Henry and James Drake aka The Lethal Enforcers. WWE came through by loaning out Cedric Alexander for the weekend to replace Davey Richards and Zack Sabre Jr. pulled double duty. More on that later. All in all this was another phenomenal night of wrestling from Evolve with no bad matches to speak of.

Evolve 92 Match of the Night

Honestly, there wasn’t one match on this show that really stood above the rest. The Troll Boyz and The Lethal Enforcers gave us everything from top-notch comedy to pure unadulterated violence and a title change to boot but for me, if I had to pick one, I’ll go with Sabre Jr. versus Kincaid. Great chemistry between one of the top guys in the world today in Sabre and a pro wrestling secret treasure in Kincaid. Awesome way to start off the show.

Evolve 92 MVP

This was Zack Sabre Jr.’s show. He immediately came out and addressed the elephant in the room in regards to what was going on between WWN Live and FloSlam. He established that we were all there for one thing—great wrestling and proceeded to have a great wrestling match, his first of three on the night. What we witnessed was a company champion taking the ball and running with it from the opening bell of the opening match all the way until the final bell of the evening sounded. Honorable mention to Stokely Hathaway for working his ass off all night long as well. This guy never takes a second off.

Thoughts on FloSlam vs. WWN

The short marriage between FloSlam and WWNLive came to an abrupt end just before Friday’s show putting Evolve in a bit of a pickle. For those of you who haven’t heard, that’s ok, here’s a little refresher.

It started last week when news came out about FloSlam suing WWNLive for “breach of contract,” alleging that they cooked their books. so to speak. David Bixespan of Fightful released the following from the Travis County District Court in Texas:

“WWN induced FloSports to pay it hundreds of thousands of dollars based on data that was not only inaccurate and unreliable; it was just plain false. When pressed for the data that backed up WWN’s spreadsheet of viewership, WWN originally claimed it had lost or deleted that information. Ultimately, WWN sent records listing many subscribers more than once and including purchasers of DVDs instead of broadcast services. Even with that artificial inflation of viewership, the numbers WWN attempted to account for were far less than those represented in its initial spreadsheet.”

FloSports’ Brent Brookhouse released the following statement via FloSlam later on in the day, just hours before Evolve 92 would’ve hit their air waves:

Planned coverage of WWN events will no longer be available on FloSlam. This includes EVOLVE, SHINE, FIP, Style Battle, and ACW events. We know fans are excited about these events and we’re disappointed to share that we will no longer provide the coverage you deserve and expect. If you’d like a refund, please email with the subject line “FloSlam Refund Request,” and our team will assist you.

The show would go on to air on WWNLive for $9.95 with FloSlam subscribers being offered $5 off with proof of subscription for their inconvenience.

This is pure speculation but I believe there are three ways this thing could go.

  • WWNLive goes back to doing exactly what they were doing before they signed on with FloSlam. They sell events as separate PPV’s and it’s almost like nothing ever changed. This would be a raw deal for the folks who actually used the FloSlam service to enjoy WWNLive events price wise but it’d help the folks who only watch an event here and there.
  • They start their own streaming service a la’ the WWE Network and NJPWWorld. With the current state of independent wrestling and WWNLive being at the very forefront, there really was no better time than now to get out of the FloSlam deal. The majority of FloSlam subscribers got on board because it was a great way to keep up with promotions like Evolve and Shine without paying that single $14.99 fee for each PPV. FloSlam really didn’t do any sort of promotion to speak of for these events so it’s not like you were gaining exposure by hooking up with them. As a matter of fact, after Jeremy Botter was let go, all of the passion for this project appeared to go out the window. WWNLive will be much better without FloSlam and FloSports will obviously be just fine without WWNLive or even pro wrestling in general. If WWNLive can cement a solid price point (say $12.99 – $14.99 a month) they’ll probably steal all of FloSlam’s subscribers and even add more with some good marketing and original content. I’d like to see more wrestling personalities get their own shows (go ahead and rip off ideas like Talking Smack) if they choose to go this route. Utilize someone like a Larry Dallas and give Ethan Page his own show. Dig deeper into great ideas like Style Battle by doing recap shows to get folks who may have missed an episode back up to speed. Offer new subscribers a free month with any merch order of $50 or more and get them hooked. The possibilities are endless if you can go beyond the ring on your own Network. Just don’t worry about doing silly cartoon shows, reality shows and ride-alongs. A full library, live wrestling, recap shows, those mini-docs and a couple of kayfabe talk shows would be more than enough.
  • With the relationship between WWE and WWN, it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise if we saw EVOLVE, SHINE and maybe even the rest of the WWN family of promotions on the WWE Network sooner rather than later. WWE has been sending out surveys to subscribers for quite some time now in regards to new pricing tiers for indie content and this could mark the beginning of that era. This would be a great way for Vince to get money back from the fans that finally pulled the plug on his product. I’m ok with this idea as long as Gabe and the rest of the behind the scenes folks at WWN are allowed to keep full creative control for their respective promotions. It’d be a huge money saver for people who were previously subscribed to both FloSlam and the WWE Network.

Evolve 92 Quick Results

September 22, 2017
Monaghan Knights of Columbus
Livonia, MI

Singles Match (non-title)
Zack Sabre Jr. (c) defeats Jason Kincaid

Singles Match
Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly defeats Stephen Wolf

Singles Match
Tracy Williams w/ Stokely Hathaway defeats Darby Allin

Singles Match
Fred Yehi defeats DJ Z

Tag Team Match
Chris Dickinson & Jaka w/ Stokely Hatahway & Tracy Williams defeat Matt Riddle & Keith Lee

Evolve Tag Team Title Match
Troll Boyz (Ethan Page & ACH) defeat Anthony Henry & James Drake (c)

Non-Title Main Event (Dark Match)
Cedric Alexander vs. Zack Sabre Jr (c) ends without a result

Tag Team Match (Dark Match)
Cedric Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr. defeat Chris Dickinson & Jaka w/ Stokely Hathaway

Evolve 93 Quick Results

September 23, 2017
Summit Park District
Summit, IL

Dark Match
Fred Yehi defeats Cedric Alexander

Singles Match
Austin Theory w/ Priscilla Kelly defeats James Drake

Freelance Wrestling Title Four-Way
Stevie Fierce (c) defeats Bryce Benjamin, GPA & Matt Knicks

Singles Match
Darby Allin defeats DJ Z

Evolve Tag Team Title Match
Chris Dickinson & Jaka defeat ACH & Ethan Page (c)

Evolve Title Match
Zack Sabre Jr. (c) defeats Keith Lee

WWN Title Match (Anything Goes)
Matt Riddle (c) defeats Tracy Williams

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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