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GCW ‘Curtain Call’ (9.30.19) Results & Review



GCW Curtain Call sees the send off of Joey Janela, Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Bryce Remsburg as the quartet are set to debut on TNT for AEW this Wednesday. Fans gather to the House of Independents to send off their guys to the next chapter of their careers. That and many more moments are set to take place. Let’s get started!

The show opens up with a video package of viral sensation, SUPER HUMMAN taking a shot of light tubes across the back from Jimmy Lloyd.

We then go to the ring where Janela, Jungle Boy and Stunt receive shout outs from commentary before the first match kicks off.

Jungle Boy def. Jake Atlas @ 9:50 via Roll Up – ***1/2
These two are coming hot off their ****1/2 star Meltzer rating from last weekend’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles, Meltzer’s second highest rated match of the tournament. They have a history spanning back before Jungle Boy’s current persona and wrestled for the APW junior title in my neck of the woods. Their chemistry is sharp and that was on full display as they had a nice and compact ten minute spotfest.

Before the match they shook hands, not knowing the next time they’ll be able to wrestle each other. They started by cartwheeling out of ranas, hit a smooth yoshitonic and had several sequences that were done with pinpoint accuracy. A poison rana is what woke Jungle Boy up for the finishing stretch as he powered up and caught Atlas in a ripcord to a crucifix driver for a two count. Atlas would recover, swing through and cartwheel off the top rope and catch Jungle Boy with a DDT but Jungle Boy rolled him through into a pin to take the win.

Another handshake and embrace before they walked to the back.

Hot opener with silky smooth accuracy. They went about half the time of their heralded PWG classic which I’m eagerly awaiting to see.

Marko Stunt def. KTB @ 8:25 via 450 Splash – ***1/4
This was the building where Marko Stunt made his name last year. It was Joey Janela’s Lost in New York that saw KTB issue an open challenge. The then unknown Marko Stunt made his way out from the crowd and when KTB questioned his age, Marko said he’s old enough to “f*** your mother.”. A legend was born that night but Stunt is still upset over the loss so this time with the tables reversed he issued a challenge to KTB.

KTB comes through the curtain wearing a Joey Janela Lost in New York shirt to get under Marko’s skin off the bat. Marko shows no sign of backing down, Bows up to KTB and sends him to the mat with a rana before low bridging him to the outside. KTB would regroup and hit a series of power moves from jackhammers to superplexes, the latter only receiving a one count.

Marko swung free of a chokeslam and came in for a swinging codebreaker that fooled the time keeper before KTB was put away seconds later with a 450 Splash and they shook hands after the match.

All things considered, they probably should have ended it with the codebreaker because Stunt had already done a 450 earlier in the match. Despite the finish being wonky it was great to see these two have another match. Their chemistry is a lot of fun.

Tony Deppen def. David Starr @ 18:28 via Running Knee Strike – ****1/4
Billed as a “first time ever” match, if their bodies can withstand touring this match, independent wrestling is in for a treat. Two of the most physical guys you will find on the independent scene right now went full ham and eggs in this match, stealing the show by a significant margin.

Starr began the match in control which lead to a frustrated Deppen unleashing a snotrocket onto his opponent. The match broke down from there with wicked strikes that lead to Starr bailing to the floor. Deppen followed him out with a springboard coffin drop and brought him back inside for more violence.

I cannot overstate the intensity these two brought. Thunderous lariats, big time strikes, Starr fought Deppen up for a brainbuster four times before finally connecting with one over his knee. After getting the move he worked hard for, Deppen still managed to kick out at two. Deppen ate a lariat that turned him inside out, ducked the followed up and landed a combination of knee strikes to put Starr away.

After the match they shoved each other before being pulled apart.

Excellent match. Absolute high-level intensity from both guys. This is why I love professional wrestling.

GCW Championship
Nick Gage (c) def. Matt Tremont, Orin Veidt & SHLAK @ 9:45 via One Winged Angle on Veidt – ***

GCW Champion, Nick Gage, had his title stolen by Rickey Shane Page at the Nick Gage Invitational 4 last week but the title is still on the line. The crowd erupts in “f*** RSP” chants before the match.

This was a death match which are divisive but I personally don’t mind the style. That said, they spent too much time just standing there. The match isn’t without it’s moments like Gage getting slammed through a door with that has half cans of White Claw glued to them and Gage putting a power drill to Veidt’s head. Gage would end up winning right after that with a One Winged Angel.

Gage takes the mic after the match and thanks the fans for their support but they aren’t on the same page with the people backstage. RSP walked through the curtains at NGI4 which means he was allowed in by someone in the locker room. That person is an enemy to Gage as his RSP for taking his title. Gage says MDK is around the world so they’ll find RSP and get the title back.

SUPER HUMMAN videos play during intermission

Shane Mercer def. Teddy Hart, Alex Zayne, Blake Christian, Chris Bey, Rick Moretti & Jordan Oliver @ 14:52 via Pudgyplex on Moretti – ***1/2
The textbook definition of a highlight reel match. All seven guys came out with the goal of becoming the most gif’d wrestler of the night. The match lacked any cohesion but cohesion was never the goal so that’s completely fine. Here are a handful of the next level spots:

– Mercer with a German suplex off the apron to the floor
– Moretti with a springboard tope off the top to the floor
– Zayne with an SSP off the top of Christian who was on Mercer’s shoulders
– Christian with a phoenix splash off the second level to the floor
– With Christian sitting on the top rope, Mercer throws Zayne at Christian who catches Zayne but gets rana’d and as he’s coming down from the rana, hits a 450 splash on Moretti

Completely insane spots. These dudes went nuts.

After the match, Teddy Hart takes the mic and says this isn’t the 80s anymore and that the fans want to see guys put their lives on the line. He says when he gets to heaven he’s going to tell God that he made people happy.

Matthew Justice def. Chris Dickinson @ 13:20 via Superplex onto chairs – ***
The match started violent and only got more intense as they went on. Dickson was not shy with kicks to the head right off the jump but the match took a turn for the worse when Dickinson was speared off the platform, through a door and colliding head first into corner of the apron. There was a big gash in the back of his head, a lot of blood but the match wasn’t stopped.

Instead, Justice dropped the bloodied Dickinson with a dudebuster, hit him in the head with a chair and jus didn’t stop laying in the abuse. Dickinson kept asking for more before eventually firing up with a DVD and chair shots to the head of Justice. The match came to an end after Dickinson was dropped off the top with a superplex through chairs.

Justice takes the mic and calls out GCW Champion, Nick Gage. Insulted that Justice didn’t wait for him to leave the ring first, Dickinson takes the mic and tells Justice to remember that this is his house. After Dickinson leaves, Justice says he’s going to take his match with Gage to another level.

The crowd went silent when they thought they had just witnessed Dickinson’s death. Commentary couldn’t get over that the match wasn’t stopped and the whole atmosphere was sucked out of the room. I applaud the guts of Dickinson but that was a tough watch.

The ring crew set up two chairs and a door before calling for SUPER HUMMAN. He makes his way to the ring, calls out for the juggalos and juggalettes, gets ready to do a stunt when out walks Ethan Page. He says that when he saw this appearance announced he thought “f*** this s***” and lays out HUMMAN who then bails to the floor and walks to the back.

Orange Cassidy’s music hits.

Orange Cassidy def. Ethan Page @ 9:55 via Whoop Whoop Splash – ***1/4
With hands in his pockets, Orange makes a buffoon out of Page in the early stages. Page lays in a forearm that crumples Orange, poses and says “everyone knows who I am, I wrestle on Twitch!” to an eruption of laughter. The referee finally has enough of Page and pushes back on his attitude only to get kicked low for his troubles and out comes SUPER HUMMAN.

HUMMAN nails Page with a chair, ducks Page’s lariat and connects with a stunner. He hands Orange his glasses, Orange heads to the top rope and comes off with the whoop whoop splash to pick up the win. The two celebrate after the match.

This was a lot of fun. You had the comedy stylings of both guys, plus HUMMAN and Bryce. All four worked well together for a memorable match.

Jimmy Lloyd def. Joey Janela @ 24:10 via Piledriver – ***1/4
“Thank you Joey” chants break out for the bell.

Janela and Lloyd come out with a point to prove. They spend the first ten minutes putting on a display of mat wrestling, going hold for hold with wristlocks, headlock takeovers, the whole nine yards. Then they go into what they’re known for with the no sells of thrust kicks, piledrivers and destroyers. Completely understand what they were trying to say so no harm in any of this but it did feel long.

True, it was a blow off and Janela’s final bow to the crowd who had experienced his rise firsthand over the last several years.

GCW owner, Brett Lauderdale, takes the mic and asks both Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt to join Janela in the ring. He puts over each of them, saying Jungle Boy is a class act, Marko has a huge heart and Janela put himself in the wrestling history books with what he did in GCW.

Janela then takes the mic and says the last six months have taken their toll on him. Doctors said his MCL is shredded and he likely wouldn’t be able to wrestle again but he told them “don’t you guys know wrestling is fake?”. He puts over his wrestling ability, showcased with his 60-minute iron man match with Starr and calls Tony Deppen the modern day Chris Candido. Janela ends the night by declaring AEW can’t change him because he’s willing to come back to the indies and wrestle in “outlaw mud shows”. To Janela, wrestling is about the fans first.

More “thank you Joey” chants break out as the show goes off air.

Chalk up another memorable show for GCW. This isn’t a super workrate promotion (Starr and Deppen must have not received the memo), their goal is to make moments. That’s a cliché WWE line but GCW is the best wrestling promotion in creating unforgettable moments. Very rarely do you end a GCW show feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth. In a wrestling climate that’s so focused on workrate, GCW are a breath of fresh air and I don’t say that ironically or as a putdown. Anyone who’s ever watched GCW knows this is the truth.

Recommended Matches
Almost everything gets my seal of approval. If you’re not a fan of death matches, the GCW title match isn’t going to change your mind. Dickinson versus Justice was really scary and the crowd was understandably not into it at all so that’s one you ca skip as well. The main event went long but if you’re a fan of Janela you’ll want to see his final GCW match. If you’re after that workrate, Starr versus Deppen is going to satisfy your hunger. GCW are the kings of creating shows that have a little bit of everything.

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for FightboothPW.