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GCW ‘Joey Janela’s Lost in New York’ (8.17.18) Results & Review



GCW sells out the Melrose Ballroom in Long Island, New York for ‘Joey Janela’s Lost in New York’. This was Joey Janela’s first shindig since stealing WrestleMania weekend with ‘Spring Break 2’. As these shows gain more notoriety, the expectations for these shows increase. There was a lot of buzz heading into this show, did they deliver? Let’s find out!

The show kicks off with Wheatus playing their hit song from 2000 ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ as Nate Webb makes his way to the ring.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. Nate Webb @ 10:15 – ***
MJF as a CZW guy, and current CZW Champion, receives no love from the GCW crowd. He doesn’t win anyone over by calling Wheatus a one hit wonder (they were) and is shouted down with chants of “shut the f*** up”. MJF proceeds to compare the crowd to Webb as both fat and poor. That’s where Webb draws the line and the two brawl on the outside. They take to the stage where MJF uses the singer from Wheatus to block any further attack from Webb and then lays the singer out. The crowd break into “you suck d***” chants that are soon followed by “we don’t judge” chants. They get back to the ring where MJF toys with Webb, standing on his chest for a pin which receives a “DJ’s b****” chant, a reference to DJ Hyde, owner of CZW. Webb fires up with a Discuss Lariat, spinning TKO and Destroyer combination but MJF cuts him off from further attack in the corner and goes after the ar. The referee gets shoved down by MJF and both do the fake out chair shot with the ref down. Unsure what happened, the referee walk past them both, prompting them to sit up and bicker at one another, laying back down when the referee turns back to them. MJF shoves the referee down again but Wheatus come out and the singer hits a DDT on MJF. The referee is groggy and can’t make the three count in time before MJF kicks out. With a chair in his arms, Webb heads to the top for a Moonsault but on his way down, MJF gets the boots up, knocking the chair into Webb’s face and getting the pin. Very entertaining opener. Filled with great energy from the crowd.

A video package celebrating New York history is played before the start of the next match.

KTB’s Open Sacrifice
KTB def. Marco @ 7:35 – ***

The open challenge was made for all comers which prompted a Super Dragon chant but instead we got Marco. Who is Marco? He’s man who entered from the crowd and couldn’t be taller than 5’5 and not weigh more than 140. He steps up to KTB who asks Marco how old he is which Marco replies “old enough to f*** your mother”. Marco uses KTB’s aggression against him, being the more agile man and landing a tilt-a-whirl Codebreaker, PK off the apron, Hurricanrana off the apron, and lands a tope con hilo to the floor. KTB weathers the flurry and grounds Marco with a Death Valley Driver on the concrete. He throws Marco back in the ring but is caught in a Sunset Bomb and knee lift combo. KTB is done messing around, lands a nasty release German suplex, deadlifts Marco to the top for another suplex but Marco transitions into a Hurricanrana. They get a little wonky here but Marco finds himself on KTB’s shoulders and jumps off with a Codebreaker. KTB stops another Rana, turns it intro a powerbomb and directly into a spinning Liger Bomb but Marco still has fight in him. He sweeps KTB’s leg, hits a DDT and a 450 combination. They head to the top where Marco battles out of a Superplex but KTB, still standing on the second rope, pulls him through his legs and lands a Moonsault with Marco in his arms, falling into pinning positon for the win. Another match that was an absolute blast. The crowd rallied behind the underdog and created fun atmosphere yet again.

Stokley Hathaway comes out to the ring and jaw-jacks with the ring announcer (I’m unaware of his name, apologies). Before anything serious can come of it, Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ plays and the camera pans up to the balcony where we see the Sandman drinking beer and holding a kendo stick. He takes his time getting to the ring, sharing multiple beers with audience members and motorboating one on top of that. Sandman finally makes his way to the ring, prompting Stokley to sic his bodyboard on him but the bodyguard responds with “naw cuz” and Sandman wallops Stokley with the kendo stick. His music hits again and he makes his way out of the building. Super fun moment even if a little cringey and creepy with the motorboating.

We see a video package of a New York street artist explaining his love for creating art. They show him painting a promotional piece for the show.

Teddy Hart def. Chris Dickinson @ 15:21 – **1/2
Teddy takes the microphone and dedicates the match to his uncle, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. Dickinson isn’t having any of this and grounds Teddy with an Enziguri with his back turned, followed soon after by an apron Piledriver. He takes the match to the crowd and chokes Teddy over the rails. Hart winds up firing off some uppercuts back in the ring but Dickinson soon cuts him off with a suplex, dropping Teddy ribs first onto the apron and follows up with a Brainbuster head first onto the apron. Teddy hits a Piledriver out of nowhere, standing Moonsault and Hammerlock DDT. Dickinson puts an end to the flurry by getting his knees up on another Moonsault and drops Teddy chest first on top of the buckles. Teddy looks for a Hurricanrana off the top but Dickinson transitions into a Sharpshooter which is booed hard by the crowd. He’s able to escape, puts Dickinson down with a Powerbomb but is cut off on the top with a release German. Once again, out of nowhere, Teddy flurries with a Code Rode and Destroyer combo to get the win. A lot of sick moves, as you expect from a Teddy Hart match. The pacing was wonky and the finish fell flat but there were moments of complete insanity so take it for what it’s worth.

GCW Championship
Nick Gage (c) def. Sabu @ 7:25 – **

A fired up Nick Gage makes his way to the ring with hugs and high fives. He cuts his music and panders to the crowd about GCW being his new home. The lights go out and Sabu appears in the ring. He receives his old school introduction and the two are off from there, trading punches and brawling on the outside. Sabu throws multiple chairs at the back of Gage’s head throughout and hits a couple Air Sabu-style forearms. We see the chair assisted leg drop and another through a door. Sabu looks to go for the move once again but Gage cuts him off and Piledrives him off the top through a door for the win. Not a particularly great match but another fun moment. It’s not like we can expect classic Sabu. It was a fun moment and nothing more. Nick Gage tells the crowd he does this for the people but started because of Sabu. Big “thank you, Sabu” chants from the crowd.

Intermission hits and we see various vintage TV ads mixed in with a faux ad of chicken wing eating contest titled the ‘Cluck-O-Wing Challenge’ which features Joey Janela.

Grab the Brass Ring 6-Way Ladder Match
Jimmy Lloyd def. Eli Everfly, G-Raver, Gringo Loco, Tony Deppen & Orange Cassidy @ 23:30 – **3/4

Orange Cassidy is a treasure. He milks his way to the ring so the guys start without him, everyone brawling to the outside. Orange moseys his way to the ring, tries for the ring without a ladder, stands directly on a ladder, tilts the ladder to its side and stands on that, all of which receive “holy s***” and “please don’t die” chants. This crowd was great. There was a whole lot of insanity throughout the match but Orange’s non-risk spots were the highlights. At one point he climbed the ladder, touched the ring and immediately jumped off the ladder, celebrating as if he had won. Comedy master. Later on he hit a slow, rolling Destroyer on Lloyd where he himself took the most damage by landing on the ladder. They went over twenty minutes and it felt long towards the end before the finish was botched and fell flat. Some spots were complete insanity, I screamed many times. Gringo Loco was another standout. He looks like a complete dweeb but the dude absolutely rules. Everything he was hitting even stunned the crowd (the joke is he hit a lot of Stunners). Piledrivers, Ranas, Moonsaults and well placed comedy. This has all the makings for a great match. I’d be recommending even despite the runtime if the finish wasn’t so wonky. Everyone went absolutely insane but it’s a tough recommendation for me.

Fight for Your Soul
Ethan Page def. Penelope Ford @ 5:45 – **1/2

Forgive me for not fully understanding this storyline. Apparently Page’s kid was kidnapped and now he must take part in a three stage match. This first one is against Ford. Page is supposed to be likable but that’s impossible for him. He punks Ford, standing up out of her headlock and patting her on the head. Ford is slammed to the mat and Page tells her she won’t beat him. She fights back with a slap, Hurricanrana and swinging DDT to the outside. Page takes them to the top and throws Ford to the mat, followed up with a Swanton Bomb. He lands an Enziguri, release Powerbomb and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Ford flips him off but Page doesn’t let go and she’s forced to tap. Big bully Page beating up on Ford was a fun dynamic. You can’t help but to hate the smug jerk no matter what position he finds himself in.

First Time Ever Grudge Match
Jinsei Shinzaki def. Joey Janela @ 11:10 – ***

Janela has found himself wrestling legends the last couple of years and this year in particular it’s been a lot of Japanese legends. The Yakuza attacked Janela and told them he must fight their boss. Enter: Jinsei Shinzaki (also known as Hakushi). For a man soon to be turning 52, Shinzaki looked very good here. This was a perfectly solid match. He nipped out of a headscissors, cartwheeled away from a Superkick and swiftly walked one and a half ropes distance for the Ogami Watari. We also saw the Mandala Hineri and he finished with the Chokeslam from the top rope. Janela didn’t get in too much offense. He hit a nasty Death Valley Driver and teased a Brainbuster from the top. Like everything else on this show, not a mat classic by any means but the atmosphere was great and it was a lot of fun. Janela receives Shinzaki’s respect after the match.

Matt Riddle’s Farewell Match
Pierre Carl Ouellet def. Matt Riddle @ 13:37 – ***1/2

We’ve very likely to see Riddle face pop up on NXT tomorrow night but that’s then, this is now. His final match was against Frankenstein himself, PCO. At Spring Break 2 we witnessed the resurgence of PCO. The man is certifiably insane and his blacken chest is all the proof you should need. The crowd makes me proud once again, this time coming up with “PC Bro” chants. Awesome. They shake before the match but immediately begin trading chops. First, the attacks are one after the other but then one man would begin to flurry, then the other and so forth. Eventually, Riddle had enough of that and landed a knee to the chin and pie-faces PCO. He throws PCO into the corner with an Exploder suplex and lands some kicks before PCO is done playing. PCO grabs Riddle by the throat and Riddle’s strikes stop having any noticeable impact. Riddle cuts PCO off on top, driving him back first onto the apron. He sits PCO back up on the apron and lays in some kicks. He continues this strategy back in the ring but PCO ends up capturing the leg and turning it into a Dragon Screw. Riddle cuts him off again on the top and makes PCO eat a Bro 2 Sleep + Bridging German combo for two. Powerbomb, Piledriver and Senton but PCO won’t stay down. He puts his knees up on a top rope Senton and in desperation, Riddle locks in a Sleeper. Possessed, PCO climbs the ropes while still locked in the Sleeper. Riddle lets go of the hold and instead German suplexes PCO off the top. Funeral music hits. PCO’s manager comes out and uses jumper cables to bring him back to life. Riddle’s strikes are rendered useless as PCO grabs his throat, throws him down with a Chokeslam and finishes the Bro with a Moonsault. Wickedly fun main event. Yet another strong showing from PCO and Riddle is sent off to WWE in memorable fashion. This was a whole lot of fun and a perfectly fitting main event.

While there may not have been any mat classics, this show was a whole lot of fun. There was a lot of nostalgia, which is Janela’s trademark and the exact reason people tune into these shows. No one is expecting the mat classics, they just want the memorable moments and this was filled to the brim with those moments. If you like someone involved in one of these matches, watch that match. There wasn’t anything not to like. Expectations were met up and down the show and they capped it off perfectly with a goofy reanimation scene. If the finish of the ladder match was better, I’d recommend, but if you like straight up insanity, it’s still a really fun watch. This whole show really depends on your taste. If you can’t stand comedy wrestling, what are you doing here? Shoutout for Nick Gage killing it on commentary in the main event. Also to Tracy Williams for bringing the enthusiasm for Shinzaki’s match. Moments. Joey Janela creates moments and he’s the best at what he does.

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