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GCW ‘Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2’ Preview



Last year, Joey Janela’s Spring Break stole WrestleMania weekend. Despite not receiving much of a buzz going into the biggest wrestling weekend of the year, everyone came out talking about Spring Break. Now, the pressure is on. While it’s easy to exceed expectations without any pressure but how will Spring Break do with all eyes on them? GCW have done their best at putting together another wacky card, gaining the attention of wrestling fans all over the world. Many generational matchups between men of similar styles but a generation or two removed from one another. You can order the show at Fite TV or Club WWN.

Start Time: 9:55pm PDT/12:55am EDT/5:55am GMT

Joey Janela vs The Great Sasuke
Promotional Video
It’s only fitting that two of history’s craziest wrestlers will face off in the main event of the craziest show of the year. Neither man seems to give any regard for their well-being each time they step into the ring and that reckless style is how they’ve gained a following. At 48 years old, it’s a wonder how The Great Sasuke can still walk. If you don’t think these two are planning something to break the internet, you don’t know Sasuke and Janela. This will be dangerous and absolutely must-see.

David Starr vs Mike Quackenbush
Promotional Video
Mike Quackenbush is one of the more unsung heroes of independent wrestling. He is extremely innovative and paved the way for a lot of the lucha libre inspired wrestlers in the U.S. This man is the founded of CHIKARA, the most popular lucha libre promotion in the states for many years. David Starr requested this match and for obvious reasons. Quackenbush isn’t going to be around forever and both of these men are so technically sound and match up so well that they will undoubtedly knock this out of the park. This is generational match which fans of both early 2000s and modern independent wrestling can get behind.

WALTER vs Pierre Carl Ouellet
Promotional Video
If there is one match more ridiculous than Janela/Sasuke, it’s this one. PCO’s promo videos have been the best thing in wrestling the last couple weeks. Another generational match, like the other two. This one is two big, thick dudes who just may have found their kryptonite in one another. Expect a brutal, hard-hitting affair. Chests will be split open.

Nick Gage vs Penta El Zero M
Promotional Video
These two don’t have near the age gap as the others but when you spend seven years in prison, like Nick Gage, time moves on without you. Penta has taken Gage’s old role as the craziest man on the indies. Both men love inflicting real damage, whether it’s breaking bones or breaking skin. If it causes pain, they’re all about it. This won’t be one for the squeamish, these two will be out for blood.

James Ellsworth vs Matt Riddle
Promotional Video
Possibly the most hilarious match of the weekend. If Ellsworth manages to beat Riddle, this will be the match of the weekend. Mark my words. We are blessed by the wrestling gods for giving us this match. No matter who wins, this will be short and sweet, likely gaining a lot of attention from the wrestling world. Matt Riddle’s Mania weekend has been filled with the most interesting matchups.

Clusterfuck Match
I’m not exactly sure who all will be in this match. There are ten wrestlers who have been announced to be on the show but I’m unsure if there will be another singles or if they all will be in this match. If it happens to be that all ten are jammed into the match then what an appropriate name!
– Teddy Hart
– Penelope Ford
– Chris Dickinson
– Eli Everyfly
– Jimmy Lloyd
– Gringo Loco
– Tony Deppen
– Markus Crane

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