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GCW ‘Slime Language’ (11.8.19) Results & Review



GCW Slime Language (Ukrainian Cultural Centre, LA California) is headlined by Nick Gage defending the GCW Word Title against WWE bound and local talent Jake Atlas. GCW have been putting on a number of exciting and entertaining cards throughout 2019, let’s find out if Slime Language is another great card from them.

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Eli Everfly vs. Arez vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Blake Christian vs. Alex Zayn – Six Way Scramble Match
Chances are you will have seen one of these wrestlers via a GIF at some point this year as guys like Black Christian & Alex Zayn have been hitting some next level aerial spots. This match had its fair share of those from the aforementioned and Eli Everfly & Jordan Oliver contributing their fair share too.

A wild sprint with great energy that had the crowd chanting “G-C-W” & “HOLY SH-T” at several points;

Jordan Oliver hit a Spanish fly off the apron to the floor on Alex Zayn

In the ring Lloyd was on all fours, Eli leaped off him hitting a destroyer on Oliver onto everyone outside the ring.

And the spot of the match goes to Blake Christian, a springboard 630° moonsault onto everyone.

A very good spot-fest that’s goal was to get the crowd going and create some buzz online which it achieved, at under 10 minutes it didn’t outstay it’s welcome. Blake Christian pinned Jordan Oliver after hitting a twisting splash from the top rope.

Eli Everfly was involved in a number of the high points of the match, he hits a sweet hip toss assisted YoshiTonic early on, will keep an eye out for him in the future. ***1/2

Mance Warner vs. Matthew Justice
Both guys were over big with the crowd, there was a number of Mance Warner masks/oversized pictures of his head throughout the crowd (more on that later).

This was a violent game of one-upmanship as both guys were trying to out-do the other by seeing who could take the other’s worst and keep going.

They started as the meant to go on with some stinging heavy chops. After brawling in the crowd, Mance managed to piledrive Justice through a door.

In the ring Justice took a drop toe hold and a massive DDT onto a chair. They then placed four doors in the ring, one in each corner and proceeded to have a strike exchange which ended when Warner eye-poked Justice.

After both sidestepped the other’s charge through the doors, Mance brought out a staple gun and started to staple dollar bills, kindly donated by crowd members, to Justice. A young girl ended up in the ring with one of the Mance Warner masks which was then stapled to Justice’s head.

Justice sent Warner through a door with a Death Valley Driver and then set up the door on chairs to staple Mance’s tongue to it. Justice took a while to set up a ladder and missed a big elbow drop from it allowing Warner to hit a big knee for the win.

A fun, hard hitting match, which the crowd were into the whole time. I did find it did drag at a couple of points but overall it was a wild brawl with both guys taking a ton of punishment. ***

Tony Deppen vs. Chris Bey
Commentary really hyped up Chris Bey as he made his entrance as he’s appeared on 205 live and apparently looked good on previous GCW cards he’s been on.

Tony Deppen was the star of this match though. He controlled it, got the crowd fired up with some vulgar gestures along with wiping snot on one of the fans at ringside, and using the whole ring to his advantage.

He used a very nice codebreaker to move from the apron into the ring. He also hit a very good looking cannonball through the second and third rope to the floor. He hits hard too, hitting some stiff looking palm strikes as well as a heavy head-butt to Bey’s chin at one point.

Overall a good back and forth match, Bey is very athletic and hit some nice looking moves, his springboard cutter which got him the upset win was particularly impressive looking. However his selling isn’t the greatest and there was a lack of fire in his comebacks, it felt like he was getting his spots in rather than trying to win the thing. Deppen’s intensity when hitting his moves/strikes amplified Bey’s lack of it in my opinion. Worth watching for Deppen’s great showing ***1/4

Orin Veidt vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda – Deathmatch
Toshiyuki Sakuda is having a great 2019, he has had stand out matches with Masashi Takeda & Alex Colon and recently headlined Big Japan’s Death Vegas show with Isami Kodaka.

Orin Veidt I’ve only seen once, at this year’s Nick Gage invitational and I can’t say I was that impressed by him. This match did nothing to change my opinion.

They started out with some back and forth wrestling but they appeared to be moving in slow motion, now some of this could be attributed to Sakuda’s recent mishap when he missed a dive on a show 4 days earlier however Veidt showed no urgency the rest of that match either.

I love death matches but this was not one I can recommend, sure they did some cool spots, Sakuda hitting a frankensteiner from the top through a door to Veidt, a flipping senton onto light tubes and Sakuda taking a needle through one cheek and out the other. His removal of the needle is a great visual and fire up spot.

Nothing happened between the spots which really took the heat out the crowd, I got bored really quickly.
The match finished when Sakuda hit a crucifix bomb onto broken glass.

If this is your first death match I would advise skip and check out the first two matches of Sakuda’s mentioned earlier. **

Effy vs. Eddie Kingston
Kingston started the match with a big exploder suplex to show Effy he wasn’t messing about and was here to fight.

He gave Effy the opportunity to lay a shot in while in the corner which Effy used to bite Kington’s nipple.

Kingston took the action to the outside, throwing Effy into the ringside seats.

Back inside Kingston propped a chair up in the corner, after hitting Effy with some Kobashi like chops, Effy reversed Kingston’s Irish whip into the chair.

They ended up top where Kingston tried for a superplex but it was reversed into a power bomb through a chair.

Effy escaped a Saito suplex and connected with a rocker dropper. Capitalising Effy hit some big boots to Kingston’s face followed by a step up splash for two count.

As Kingston was doubled over getting to his feet Effy hit a senton, as Effy went for the cover Kingston showed enough ring awareness to hold the rope to break the count.

Kingston then hit a bunch of suplexes for a couple of near falls.

The end came when Effy hit a rocker dropper from the corner and locked in the freak lock for the tap out from Kingston.

A great fight, Kingston took it to Effy from the get go however Effy showed he was resilient and got his shots in too, Effy had a lot of heart and fire against the bigger, more experienced Kingston. ***1/2

Post-match Kingston puts over the tap out, saying it’s only the fourth or fifth time in his career he’s submitted, that he is inclusive and that Effy is a great wrestler. Effy has the biggest smile on his face, it was a nice moment.

Chris Dickinson vs. B-Boy
Chris Dickinson has been tearing it up in Beyond Wrestling, he had one of the MOTY with Daisuke Sekimoto (28.07.19), and while he was a late stand in for Jon Moxley at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 he put in a killer performance!

B-Boy is a California legend and when this match was announced those who were familiar with both had high expectations for a big time bomb fest!

That is exactly what we got, 10 mins of big time strikes and massive suplexes.

A hard hitting war, B-Boy got smashed through a door when Dickinson hit a strong suplex. Dickinson got the victory after hitting a vicious lariat.

Exciting match. Another impressive outing for Dickinson, dude is always worth checking out, gives everything each time. ***3/4

Human Tornado vs. Kikutaro
When this match was announced I was looking forward to it, I really enjoyed Kikutaro’s invisible man tag match with Joey Janela earlier this year.
Unfortunately this was not good as the attempts at humour fell flat.

The crowd was not into it whatsoever, small pockets of fans could be seen having conversations instead of watching the match. DUD

Jake Atlas vs. Nick Gage
One of the greatest sights in wrestling at the moment is a Nick Gage entrance at a GCW event. When the opening riffs of For Whom the Bell Tolls hit the crowd goes wild with anticipation and things get wilder the moment Gage comes through the curtain as he is mobbed by the crowd as they chant “M-D-K”. Hard not to get pumped up after seeing that!

Early on Jake Atlas taunted Gage telling him this is his yard, he wasn’t completely wrong, he got a lot of offense in, even getting violent by smashing Gage through a door on the outside with a Death Valley Driver. After that he hit a huge moonsault for the near fall.

The action was back and forth for the most part, Atlas looking great on his way to WWE.

Nick Gage was unquestionably the hero here, from the start to the end the crowd was fully behind him with loud chants throughout, the dude has an aura about him that draws you in.

Gage pinned Atlas after a couple of piledrivers. ***1/4

Final Thoughts
As with most GCW shows I’ve watched this year, this was a lot of fun. If you get the opportunity I would suggest the whole show with two exceptions, the death match and the Kikutaro “comedy” match.

Show was a breeze to watch, always good to see guys like Tony Deppen, Eddie Kingston & Chris Dickinson shine even if their matches aren’t five star masterpieces they are a great time as well as a great alternative to the mainstream.

If you have been sitting on the fence with GCW I’d recommend seeing one with a wrestler you like performing on it and go with it. I am always happy with the shows after I catch them.

Match Recommendations
Six Way Scramble Match
Tony Deppen vs. Chris Bey
Effy vs. Eddie Kingston
Chris Dickinson vs. B-Boy

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