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GLOW Season 2, Episode 3 Review: ‘Concerned Women of America’



Hi, welcome to episode three of this season of GLOW, where an entire C plot is dedicated to Melrose needing to take a poo. Yep.

I’m likely not going to touch on that part of the episode again, I wish only to say that Kate Nash’s poop song (yep) made me desperately want more, albeit not bowel related, screen time for Rhonda, especially after the beautiful work she did with Marc Maron last season.

We finally see Cherry Bang again, which is absolutely wonderful, but it turns out she can’t juggle remembering lines, much less delivering them with believable emotion and natural cadence, with her superior stunts. The director isn’t communicating with her and is instead trying to completely change her character. She’s intimidated into a relaxer by a perky but snide white lady stylist, and it kills her morale (and by the by, relaxers can permanently damage hair if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can even permanently damage your scalp, no bueno to be forced into one). Per her husband Keith’s request, Sam Sylvia takes a trip to her trailer (she is refusing to leave said trailer) to coax her out of her mild breakdown and intense pain. It’s a nod to Cherry being the only woman Sam is even remotely capable of being vulnerable with and I appreciated being given a scene where Sam’s blunt nature isn’t being used as a defense mechanism. He knows Cherry needs to hear the harsh truth and that Keith is too doting and heart eyes to give it to her. Sam uses his dickbag director lingo to put in the call to the show and demand Cherry Bang back for GLOW. When they protest, he rewrites their entire show for them, changes the whole narrative, right there on the phone, so Cherry is saved with no further loss of dignity. It’s a glimpse of what small genius Sam may have had while directing his many absurd films pre-GLOW.

Glenn goes to the producers about Concerned Women of America. They think that GLOW is too sexual and doesn’t offer good representation to the children of America who might be watching. They worry specifically that Sheila represents the occult (as a creepy true crime person, I find this interesting, we’re in what, 1986? The height of the occult scare was early 90s, coming to head with the WM3 case in 1993). There’s a way around this criticism, however. Find a way to send a good message to the kids amidst all the wrestling debauchery. Debbie sees an opportunity to take more producer-y reins with a PSA. With help from over eager, please-just-love-me-and-pay-attention-to-me Ruth, Debbie comes up with an abstinence scare for all the kids at home by way of a teenage pregnancy fever dream. Justine is hilarious in this, as well as Carmen, it’s in fact one of the funnier bits this season so far. And we learn that Sheila is a disturbingly efficient typist. The PSA brings Debbie, Ruth, and possible Ruth bae Russell together. Russell seems kind and super into Ruth but has a lot of creeper red flags, like knowing who her favorite actress is because he’s been watching her for weeks. Um… romantic? Maybe? Yiiiikes? Maybe? Debbie has brought this up several times, referring to Russell only as “Cameraman”. Debbie pulls Ruth into an editing session and it’s not clear if she’s just cockblocking her or trying to spare her from whatever danger he might present.  Debbie is genuinely frustrated when Ruth checks out while they’re recording voiceover for the PSA. It’s interesting warfare, Ruth getting a taste of her own manipulative medicine. It’s the first time someone has used work to trap her from her own personal life and to exploit her boundaries.

We find out Justine is still boning Billy, which is sad, but she’s also going to school again, which is yay. She hates it but the girls let her know “you’re supposed to”. This teen sex revelation somehow leads to the women realizing none of them are getting laid and how unacceptable that is, so they throw a party to seduce any and all men in proximity. Do you, ladies. Yolanda is also there to loudly proclaim she likes bush and then pussy when someone protests about her being graphic. Once again, thanks for loudly stating there is a lesbian in the room but giving her character absolutely no weight and using the token gay stating that the show is too straight as an excuse to keep the show too straight. I can only pray she’s approximately one to three wrestler’s closet keys. I’m having a lot of LGBTQ pet peeves hit for a creative team that worked on Orange is the New Black.

And for those of you desperately wondering, the result of the poop plot is that Jenny gets Melrose’s jacket in exchange for an enema and this leads to her making out with the guy Jenny wanted to make out with. If this becomes a genuine point of contention Sacha Rothchild might have an exciting future at WWE, who LOVES limiting women in this way.

Heel: Constipation

Face: Arthie even though we’ve for the time dropped her story

Rating: B

image – Eric Parise/Netflix

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