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Hello Wembley Predictions: Mark Haskins vs Matt Riddle



This is going to be one of the stand out matches of the night. Losing out on an opportunity to face WALTER for the PROGRESS World Championship to Tyler Bate, Haskins was without an opponent for the biggest event in Progress Wrestling’s history. There was no way we weren’t going to see him on the card because of his dedication and commitment to the company, and also what he means to the fans.

It’s going to be a tough match for Haskins, as The Super King of Bros, Matt Riddle is stepping up, appearing in his final match on the independent circuit before ascending to the bright lights of NXT. Even though Riddle is a superb athlete capable of integrating his MMA background with a moveset built on powerful suplexes, brutal takedowns, and strikes capable of knocking the yellow of your teeth, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Mark Haskins that came out of this the winner. He’s a submission specialist that can execute that Bridging Armbar at any moment, and that Pumplehandle Driver is devastating.

Both wrestlers compliment each other very well, but with Haskins being a veteran in PROGRESS, and with Hello Wembley meaning so much to him, I believe it’ll be him that gets the win. Regardless, this one will be an evenly matched fight, with both wrestlers showcasing their technical prowess throughout.

Winner: Mark Haskins

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