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Hello Wembley Predictions: Paul Robinson vs Jimmy Havoc



The story of Paul Robinson and Jimmy ‘F***in’ Havoc is by far the greatest tale ever told within PROGRESS. If you’re unaware exactly why going into the match, I suggest you watch the video below because it does a great job of explaining exactly why there’s so much bad blood between the two. Jimmy Havoc held the PROGRESS Championship for 600 days, and to date has the longest reign within the company, but it was Paul Robinson that crippled the former champion, curb stomping him through light bulb tubes and sending him into purgatory for over a year. Havoc hasn’t been the same ever since, and whilst Havoc had become obsessed with Ospreay, Robinson claimed “there’d been a beast waiting here the whole time,” in one of the best promos of the year.

There is so much history between these two, and there will be a lot of blood in this No DQ match. They despise each other, and with so much rage and hatred flowing through Wembley Arena, it’ll be brutal. I can’t imagine any one of these two guys will be in any fit state when that bell rings, but I’m sure it’ll be one hell of a fight. I’m a huge Jimmy Havoc fan, but Paul Robinson has reverted to the unhinged psychopath Havoc helped to create, so it’s a tough one to call.

I think it’ll be Jimmy Havoc that gets the win, replicated Robinson’s curb stomp, but it’ll take a lot of blood to be shed before we get to see a winner crowned. Fear for your safety, Wembley, this is going to push the two wrestlers more than any other match in PROGRESS history.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

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